Memo on Grade Extensions from President Boudreau

Dear Members of the City College Community,

At the faculty and staff virtual Town Halls on Friday we received several questions about the chances that the academic calendar, and specific dates for withdrawal, pass/fail decisions or incompletes might be revised. We now have guidance on these matters. The important news is that both pass/fail declaration deadlines and W grade deadlines have been extended until the last day of classes on the calendar (May 14th). The deadline for finalizing incompletes has been extended to the last day of classes in the Fall 2020 semester.

Here is the relevant language from a guidance memo we received from CUNY, elaborating on these measures:

Student Grades

Acknowledging that many of our students may feel uneasy about a move to distance learning and how that could affect their academic performance, the University has authorized the University Registrar to make the following changes to CUNYs academic calendar, effective immediately.

  1. Last Day to File for Pass/No Credit/Fail Option - For eligible students that meet the requirements of our "Pass/Fail/No Credit Option" policy.( - Page 5), the University will move the deadline to Thursday, May 14, 2020. This is the published "Last Day of Classes," and before final examination week (05/16-05/22), and also prior to the "End of the Spring Term,"(05/22/2020). See note below on possible financial aid impact on students.
  2. Course Withdrawal Period - Last Day to Drop with a Grade of "W." The current deadline date listed on the calendar is Wednesday, April 1, 2020. We will move that date to Thursday, May 14, 2020. This is the published "Last Day of Classes," and before final examination week (05/16-05/22) and also prior to the "End of the Spring Term." (05/22/2020).
  3. Incomplete Grades- Students who receive an INC grades in the Spring 2020 term would generally be required to submit outstanding work, "according to a deadline established by individual colleges of the University but no later than the last day of the following semester." ( - Page 4). The University will allow students to submit incomplete work to faculty for resolution of INC grades for courses taken in Spring 2020 through the Fall 2020 semester, and the new deadline for faculty to submit Incomplete to Grade forms to the Registrar's Office for resolution will be Wednesday, December 23, 2020. This date coincides with the "Final Grade Submission Deadline" for Fall 2020 courses.

[Note on Pass/No Credit/Fail Option: Students should consult with their academic and financial aid advisor to confirm if such election will still allow them to count the course towards their major/degree requirements, if credit is earned with a grade of P. In order to receive this grade, a student needs to continue participating in academically related activities, complete all assignments, and take the final exam/culminating experience. If a passing letter grade is earned, the student will receive a grade of 'P' and credit for the course with no impact on GPA. If a failing grade is earned (F), the student will receive a grade of NC/NP which does not affect the GPA. Students must remain in compliance with Federal and State Satisfactory Academic Progress guidelines.]

I'd like to remind everyone that you can find the latest information about CCNY's preparations for the COVID19 virus by checking in on the college’s home page and following links embedded on the banner at the top. I also want to remind everyone that, between now and March 19th, we should all be practicing the delivery of distance learning instructions, and that may mean some communication between instructors and students to make sure everything is working.

Also, students should look out for a very short technology access survey that you'll receive in the next day or so. We need to accurately assess your ability to access college material online so that we can plan steps to help bridge those gaps.

Finally, let me say that the work we are doing on campus to establish social distance will be worthless if we spend time congregating in restaurants, on public transportation or in other large and close assemblies. It's up to every one of us to try to disrupt the chain of person to person transmission by maintaining whatever distance we can between us.

I hope you all remain safe and healthy, and that we find ways - even at distance - to take care of one another.


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Vince Boudreau

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