In Memory of Eric Weitz

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I am deeply sorry to share the news that after a protracted and valiant struggle against serious medical issues, former dean and distinguished university professor Eric Weitz passed away yesterday.

Eric came to CCNY with a vision of rebuilding the humanities and arts and an insistence that academic excellence in that division, and in others that he touched, was the highest priority.

A renowned scholar of human rights and the Holocaust, Eric deeply and permanently impressed the importance of studying these issues on the campus and to all those he encountered.

His legacies at this college are many but include the collaborative establishment of the human rights programs at City that remain vibrant to this day, and a vision for scholarship, performance, and education in the humanities and arts that is second to none.

I am including a link to his obituary, which includes both memorial and funeral details and a stunning record of the regard in which he was held by those who loved him. 


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