Middle States Memo from President Boudreau

Dear Colleagues,

As you'll know, we had our Middle States monitoring visit this past Wednesday and Thursday. Here's how this works: at the end of the visit, the monitoring team reads a preliminary assessment of what they found, and we then receive a more formal written report in two weeks. Ours will come on May 2nd, and I'll share it with the campus immediately. Over the next several months, that report will work its way through the commission and we'll have a final determination following the 4th of July holiday.

So, with all those caveats, let me say that I don't think the monitoring visit could have gone any better than it did. Our report was extremely well received, and there was an understanding and appreciation of our planning process. I will say that in the team's preliminary report, they imposed no requirements on the college, and that's a very good sign. I have every expectation, from their report, that we will be in very good shape at the end of this process.

I am grateful to everyone who met with the monitoring team. From what I heard and saw, you were forthright and clear in what you said, and the team specifically noted the enthusiasm and commitment to mission that they encountered on this campus--something that was also part of the original report a year ago.

I would also like particularly to thank everyone who was more deeply involved in writing the monitoring report itself. Tony Liss managed the effort out of the Provost's office, and Doris Cintron, assisted by Gareth Williams, chaired the committee. The committee itself consisted of Mary Driscoll, Felix Lam, Eva Medina, Kevin Foster, Dee Dee Mozeleski, Renata Kobetts-Miller and David Jeruzalmi (both in his individual capacity and representing the faculty senate). Each put long and thoughtful hours into the effort of drafting this report, and I'll repeat what I said in advance of the team visit: I was extremely proud of the report and eager to present it, because it represented, at least in my mind, far more than an academic or bureaucratic exercise. It was, rather, a genuine representation of our very best thinking on how to move the college forward. I am deeply grateful to each of you. CCNY owes you each a significant debt, and I share that debt with the institution.

So, now we wait for the report. Speaking at least for myself, however, I'm waiting with an air of relief and optimism, and I wanted to go into the weekend sharing the news.


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Vince Boudreau

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