OKR Memo to the Campus Community

Click here for New Year Campus Wide OKR's Sept.2019 PDF

Click here for PMP Report and Goals for 2019 PDF

Dear Members of the City College Community.

I'm sending two documents as attachments to this email.

The first is the PMP report that I submitted to the Chancellor. Each CUNY college President writes a PMP letter that reports on accomplishments against the previous year's goals, and then sets new goals for the coming year. While these have not previously been distributed widely on campus, I think it's a good idea for you to see what goals I've set for the campus, and for myself, and what my assessment of progress against last year's goals has been.

Second, I am sending around the campus-wide OKRs for this coming year.  I want you both to know what goals I’m pursuing for the campus, and to be able to set your own goals with some understanding for their relationship to campus-wide efforts.  By the end of this month - September- I’ll be distributing the second quarter goals for the college, which are mainly elements of what we set out to accomplish for the year itself. 

I'm having a large whiteboard affixed to the hallway outside my office, on the 3rd floor of the administration building. On that wall, I, and the people working on the 3rd floor, will post their OKRs and their accomplishment reports. The board is set up as an invitation to any of you to come and check out the goals we've set, and the progress we've made against those goals.

I'm also asking all of you to find a space in your office, on your door, somewhere in public view, to post your own OKRs. The idea is that anyone walking into any office should be able to see the priority goals that you've set for yourself, and see where things that they're working on align with your priorities. As most of you know, we have on-line software to track OKRs and progress-but I am beginning to think that these software applications, while useful, cannot substitute for being able to walk into a room and see the unit's goals posted and on public view.

That said, if you wish to access the on-line system to view and create OKRs, the process is very simple. You use a web browser and go to URL https://okrs.ccny.cuny.edu and login with the same CCNY User ID and Password. It will list all of the OKRs that have been entered into the system. You then click on the one you wish to see.


Vince Boudreau

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