Cabinet Meeting Minutes December 18, 2023

Minutes of the Previous Cabinet Meeting
Monday, December 18, 2023
10:00 am - Noon

Presenter: Diana Punales-Morejon

  1. Vince Boudreau, President
  2. Alex Couzis, Dean, Grove School of Engineering
  3. Ramon De Los Santos, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs
  4. Scott Gurba, Chief Operating Officer
  5. Marta Gutman, Dean, Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture
  6. Ken Ihrer, Chief Information Officer
  7. David Jeruzalmi, Chairman, The Faculty Senate
  8. Sheryl Konigsberg, Chief Diversity Officer
  9. Edwin Lamboy, Dean, School of Education
  10. Tony Liss, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
  11. Juan Carlos Mercado, Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies at CWE & Professional Continuing Studies
  12. Renata Miller, Dean, Division of Humanities and the Arts
  13. Dee Dee Mozeleski, Senior Advisor to the President and VP & Executive Director, Office of Institutional Advancement, Communications and External Relations and The Foundation for City College
  14. Naomi Nwosu-Stewart, Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management
  15. Paul Occhiogrosso, Executive Counsel to the President
  16. Marie Owumi, Special Projects Manager, Office of the President
  17. Susan Perkins, Dean, Division of Science
  18. Lesly Pierre, Assistant Vice President of Facilities Management
  19. Diana Punales-Morejon, Director, Psychological Center
  20. Andrew Rich, Dean, The Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership
  21. Teresa Scala, Chief of Staff, Office of the Provost
  22. Ruth Stark, Chairperson, Faculty Committee on Personnel Matters
  23. Vanessa Valdes, Associate Provost for Community Engagement


  1. Doris Cintron, Senior Associate Provost
  2. Carmen Green, Dean, CUNY School of Medicine
  3. Celia Lloyd, Vice President, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
  4. Mary Ruth Strzeszewski, Associate Provost for Academic Programs

The meeting was called to order at 10:30 am by President Boudreau. He welcomed Diana Punales-Morejon, Director of the campus Psychological Center, to the meeting and introduced all the Cabinet members present.

The December 18 minutes were reviewed and approved.

President Boudreau gave his announcements which were as follows:

  1. He gave an update on the budget situation for the university, and any concerns that have been raised for the college
  2. He shared the positive climb in enrollment numbers for the 2024 academic year based on the strategies that have been implemented. He also discussed the new FAFSA form roll out, and the positive and negative implications that this would have for students. He emphasized a larger focus on financial aid and messaging around this.
  3. He also gave an update on campus climate thus far, including the release of the governor’s message to all university and college presidents, COPs discussions and student reports regarding safety on campus. He mentioned the possibility of implementing a student escort or companion system, especially during rallies and protests.

Dr. Punales-Morejon gave a presentation on helpful ways to hold conversations and space surrounding topics that affect campus climate with both students and staff, with particular focus on the current situation between Israel and Palestine. She led the conversation with Cabinet members, answering questions and providing useful suggestions for future interactions.

The provost gave an update on the upcoming Navigate campaigns. These campaigns will start to occur on a regular basis in the coming semesters. The dates for Spring 2024 are:

  1. March 1
  2. April 1
  3. May 1

Also the measurable outcomes of the campaigns will be adjusted to promote feedback. There will be further steps taken to improve faculty training, and a faculty champion will be announced in the Spring 2024 semester.

President Boudreau opened the conversation regarding final plans for the 2024 commencement ceremonies. The conversation focused on the possibility of a ceremony for graduate and PhD candidates and the logistics entailed. President Boudreau will send out his conclusion on the viability of the graduate ceremony in the coming days.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:04pm.

January 8 Cabinet Meeting Agenda

  1. Approval of the December 18 Cabinet Meeting Minutes
  2. President’s Announcements
  3. Enrollment & Recruitment plan (AVP Nwosu-Stewart)
  4. Campus Climate (Executive Counsel Occhiogrosso, CDO Konigsberg)

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