Cabinet Meeting Minutes - Monday, January 9, 2023

Cabinet Meeting Minutes and January 23, 2023 Meeting Agenda

Monday, January 9, 2023

  • Doris Cintron, Senior Associate Provost
  • Alex Couzis, Dean, Grove School of Engineering
  • Teresa Flemming, Executive Associate to the President
  • Carmen Green, Dean, CUNY School of Medicine
  • Marta Gutman, Dean, Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture
  • Ken Ihrer, Vice President of Operations and Coronavirus Coordinator
  • David Jeruzalmi, Chairman, The Faculty Senate
  • Felix Lam, Vice President, Finance and Administration
  • Edwin Lamboy, Dean, School of Education
  • Tony Liss, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Celia Lloyd, Vice President, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
  • Juan Carlos Mercado, Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies at CWE & Professional Continuing Studies
  • Renata Miller, Interim Dean, Division of Humanities and the Arts
  • Dee Dee Mozeleski, Senior Advisor to the President and VP & Executive Director, Office of Institutional Advancement, Communications and External Relations and The Foundation for City College
  • Paul Occhiogrosso, Executive Counsel to the President
  • Susan Perkins, Dean, Division of Science
  • Andrew Rich, Dean, The Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership
  • Ruth Stark, Chairperson, Faculty Senate Committee on Personnel Matters
  • Mary Ruth Strzeszewski, Associate Provost and Chair, CCNY Graduate Constituent Council
  • Vanessa Valdes, Associate Provost for Community Engage
  • Rosemarie Wesson, Associate Provost for Research

Interim Dean Renata Miller as the facilitator opened the meeting at 10:00 am and asked President Boudreau to share his announcements.

President’s Announcements:

President Boudreau stated at the last Cabinet meeting there was a discussion about the Emergency Preparedness exercise Senior Staff did with Pat Morena and his team.  Pat will distill the minutes from that exercise into action points.  At the next Cabinet meeting, twenty minutes will be set aside to first, present the plan so that everyone knows their role of responsibility and to also use this as a dry run for a presentation to the Faculty Senate. 

President Boudreau also informed the Cabinet that going forward, all Cabinet documents will be on a shared drive and all members will have access. 

Lastly, he announced that Scott Gurba has been chosen as Chief Operating Officer and his start date will be Tuesday, February 14th.  President Boudreau mentioned, with this new hire, there will be some reorganization of reporting structures.

VP Lam spoke about budget and the Adjuncts and Temp Services report he’ll be providing to the Cabinet members. He also mentioned the email his office sent out to each of the Schools and Division regarding the budget saving that all colleges have to make this year.  VP Lam mentioned in an effort to help the Deans with the planning process, he will provide them with a list of Adjuncts that have been appointed by school and division as well as last year’s appointments.  He stated while in discussion with Provost Liss, it was suggested that it would be helpful to distribute to the teams a list of the appointments that have been made to the hourly workforce.

President Boudreau started a discussion around the CCNY-Wide Revenue-Generating/Budget Deficit Reduction Project Plan draft that VP Mozeleski sent to Cabinet members back in November 2022.  He explained the chart and ask everyone to think about and suggest things that would give the college the biggest leverage on the budget deficit.

President Boudreau informed the Cabinet members that a commitment has to be made to work on the following given suggestions:

  • Analysis of academic programs for Return on Investments
  • Workforce Development and Adult & Continuing Education
  • Financial - Supporting collections

President Boudreau stated this topic of discussion will be discussed at future Cabinet meetings and asked everyone to look at the document and feel free to add to it.

President Boudreau spoke about how the college could engage new teaching modalities in ways that will help cut the budget. He stated the college need to think more fundamentally about how we deliver the curriculum.  

President Boudreau spoke specifically to the Deans about the success markers for Navigate and shared with the Cabinet members two documents.  He stated there are two success markers programmed into the college’s Navigate model.  He also stated in order to populate those success markers, he feels the most effective way is to ask the Deans to ask each department for each major in their department to nominate five courses that they believe are crucial indictors of whether or not a student is going to succeed.

Deliverable: Deans to share document with their faculty and provide preliminary feedback on Success Markers at the Mid-February Cabinet meeting.

VP Lloyd gave an update on One-Stop, stating that there are plans to move One-Stop to the NAC building. Cross-training of staff has already begun in preparation of this move.  The planning process of hiring full-time, part-time and the use of existing staff members to run the One-Stop has also began.

VP Lloyd also informed the Cabinet members that new technology has been implemented called, Q-Less which is a queuing system that disperse physical queues and manages crowds.  She explained, the system will notify students of their estimated wait time and the student will get a prompt on how to proceed.  

VP Lloyd stated with the current use of the other technology and the Q-Less system, her plan is to create a Twenty-Four hour virtual One-Stop center. 

AVP Nwosu-Stewart explained the function of the One-Stop further and also shared that although the soft launch for the One-Stop is scheduled to take place in April 2023, there is a One-Stop Pop-Up located in the NAC building for students to receive information.

Lastly, President Boudreau formed the agenda for the January 23rd meeting.  Which is as follows:

  1. Budget: where we are with the allocation of Adjunct monies
  2. Retention
  3. Shaping the financial conversation
  4. ACE/Workforce Development, evaluation and Bursar holds

The facilitator for the January 23rd meeting will be Dean Marta Gutman and Dean Edwin Lamboy will present the School of Education.

Meeting adjourned at 12:07 pm.

Cabinet Meeting 

Monday, January 23, 2023
10:00 am - Noon



Facilitator:  Dean Marta Gutman

Presenter: Dean Edwin Lamboy

  1. President’s Announcements
  2. Check in/status reports needed 
    1. Navigate: Status report on onboarding/training faculty and staff.
    2. Teaching Modalities: Office of the Provost to provide information on, where we have higher adjunct costs; high enrollment rates. Look at the overlap between these two items. 
  3. Revenue Mapping

    1.  Analysis of our academic programs; graduate and undergraduate for return on investment.

      **In order for this to impact the budget, it must be mapped against a vacancy projection map**

    2. Workforce Development and ACE: Projected Income/Expenses, Revenue Goals, FY23 (remaining), FY24, FY25.

    3. Financial: Supporting Collections (Bursar Holds, SCH Indicators, etc).
  4. ​​​​​​​First Year Course

    1. Moving Students from Undeclared to Majors

  5. "Stony Brook Model"/Career Services, Engaged Scholarship, Internship Management

  6. Agenda development for next meeting

  7. Office introductions: Dean Lamboy presents the School of Education.

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