Colloquia Series

About the Colloquia Series

The Clinical Psychology @ City College Colloquia series was developed to promote communication among researchers, clinicians, and students. Prominent psychologists are invited to the City College of New York to share ideas and to participate in an invigorating conversation. Please see the schedule below, which lists the speakers and topics for previous series. All talks are held from 11:30 am to 1 pm at Shepard Hall, Room 107, and are hosted by the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program@CCNY.



Date  Speaker Title
10/15/2019 Steven Axelrod, Ronald Naso, Larry Rosenberg, Paul Wachtel, Elizabeth Graf, Diana Diamond, Elliot Jurist Progress in Psychoanalysis
11/13/2019 Adeyinka Akinslure-Smith An Animal Invasion: Addressing the Mental Health Consequences of Seeking Refuge
12/4/2019 Gary Brucato, Columbia University (Research Day) Attenuated Psychosis Syndrome: Phenomenology, Assessment and treatment
3/12/2019 Aimee Campbell,  Implementation Science in Addiction Research: Innovation in Intervention Adaptation and Evaluation
4/21/2019 Teresa Lopez-Castro



Date  Speaker Title
09/04/2018 Joseph Reynoso Hatred of Idols: What Being a Professional Sports Fan Teaches about Prejudiced States of Mind
10/09/2018 Gillian Scott-Ward Back to Natural: A Documentary Film
11/13/2018 David Greenan Resiliency-Focused Family Therapy
12/04/2018 Catherine Monk, Columbia University (Research Day) Parenting Begins before Birth: Maternal Prenatal Mental Health Matters for Women and their Future Children
02/05/2019 Elizabeth Brondolo, St. John's University The Effects of Racism and Ethnic Discrimination on the Patient-Provider Relationship. 
03/12/2019 Tracy Prout, Yeshiva University Regulation-Focused Psychotherapy for Children: An Introduction and Discussion of Clinical Material
04/09/2019 Perry Halkitis, Rutgers University The Drivers of Health Disparities in Young Sexual Minority Men


Date  Speaker Title
10/10/2017 Silvia Mazzula, John Jay College Mental Health and Justice: An Untold Story
11/17/2017 Kevin Nadal, John Jay College Let's Get in Formation: On Becoming an Psychologist-Activist in the 21st Century
12/05/2017 Nadine Kaslow, Emory University (Research Day) Grady Nia Project: Culturally-Informed Treatment of Abused, Suicidal, Low-Income African American Women
02/13/2018 Siri Hustvedt Bodied Minds / Minded Bodies
03/13/2018 Judy Roth Grasping Expulsion: Engaging People Living in Historical and Continuous Social Crisis
04/10/2018 Chris Christian, The New School The Therapeutic Alliance: Reading Beneath the Surface to Detect Ruptures and Repa


Date  Speaker Title
11/08/2016 Walter Bockting, Columbia Universtity
Beatrice Beebe, Columbia University (Research Day)
02/14/2017 Miriam Steele, The New School
Attachment and the Body Representations: How do they connect?​

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