The Psychological Center

Overview of the Psychological Center & Ph.D. Program

The Psychological Center at The City College of New York (CCNY), also known as “the Clinic” opened in 1969. The purpose of the Clinic is twofold. The Clinic provides low to moderate cost services to both the CCNY and West Harlem communities. The Clinic is also the primary practicum site for graduate students in the Ph.D. Program clinical psychology. All psychological services provided by the clinic are conducted by CUNY doctoral students in the Ph.D. Program. Serving adults, adolescents, children, couples and families, the Clinic is one of the only sliding scale fee community mental health centers in Upper Manhattan.

In the 49 years since its inception, the Clinic has provided a range of psychological services to a clinically and culturally diverse patient population. In any given year, the Clinic provides psychological services to more than 200 patients.

The Clinic is physically located on the 8th floor in the North Academic Center, on Amsterdam Avenue and 137th Street, one of the main teaching centers of CCNY.

The Center is headed by the Director, Dr. Diana Puñales Morejon and is staffed by the graduate clinical students in residence (approximately 60 students divided among four classes) who devote eight to ten hours per week to practicum training. Incoming students at the start of their graduate training are assigned clinic responsibilities commensurate with their knowledge and experience. Supervision for our students is provided by licensed clinical supervisors across the city.

Mission Statement of the Clinic

The Psychological Center’s mission is to provide the highest quality psychological services for the college and surrounding communities as well as to provide relevant training opportunities for the students in the Program. The Clinic shares a commitment with the Program in providing services to those who might otherwise not have access to treatment, particularly underserved, poor and disenfranchised populations from the New York Metropolitan area.

The Psychological Center stands committed to ensuring and protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all the patients who receive treatment in the Clinic, including any individual/family who is not currently documented or authorized to reside in the United States.

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