Psychology Undergraduate Honors Requirements

What Do You Do In Honors?

A student participating in the Honors Programs will design and fully implement a research project. Typically, the project is begun during the last semester of the junior year, and continues for three semesters. Often the student designs the study during the first semester, spends the second semester collecting data, and the third semester conducting data analyses and writing a research report based on the data. To receive the designation at graduation of honors in psychology you must earn 9 credits of “A” grades. If a student is unable to complete a project to the satisfaction of his or her mentor, fewer credits and/or lower grades may be given for any work completed. Even if an honors designation is not given, a graduate program admissions committee often views a thesis project as valuable experience.

The final report must be typewritten, following the style outlined in most current version of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Three copies of the honors thesis report must be provided to the Department: (a) one original copy must be given to the faculty mentor; (b) one is given to the Honors Program Director; (c) one is deposited in the Psychology Department Office. You should keep a copy for yourself because you may need to share it with others in the future as you describe your college experiences and background.

At the completion of the thesis it is also necessary to submit 10 copies of a thesis abstract, about 150 words, double-spaced with the title of the thesis and the student’s name at the top (APA-style) to the Honors Program Director.

Who Qualifies for Honors?

Admission to the Honors Program has to meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Second Year Honors (Dean’s List). A 3.0 GPA or “B” average in all college courses.
  2. A “B+” average in a substantial number of Psychology courses.
  3. In addition, you must have taken, or be enrolled in Experimental Psychology during your first term of honors work.

How Do You Sign Up For Honors?

If you are interested in the Program, please see Professor Milstein in NAC 7/217D. He will help you find a faculty member who is prepared to be your mentor on a research project. A list of faculty members and their areas of interest will be found in Section VII of this handbook. Once you have received the approval of a mentor, an application should be filed in the Honors Office, NAC 6/293.

Deadline for Completing the Honors Project

To receive an honors designation at graduation a research report or honors thesis must be finished and submitted to the Department by a deadline. If the student finishes his or her project in the Fall semester, the deadline for submission of this written report is December 1st. For those completing work in the Spring semester the deadline for submission is April 15th. If these days fall on a weekend the deadline is the Monday immediately following the deadline dates.