CCNY Undergraduate BA/MA Program

The program offers highly qualified and motivated students the opportunity to earn their B.A. and M.A. degrees simultaneously. Students with a general GPA of at least 3.2 and a Psychology GPA of at least 3.5 may be accepted into the program after having completed at least undergraduate statistics for psychology, two gateway courses, and having an idea of a research direction.

Admitted students complete one semester of honors research during their senior year (in lieu of the capstone course requirement) and submit at the end of that year a full literature review in their thesis area. Students may fulfill their undergraduate 300-level course requirement in psychology with either 300-level courses or MA courses. Otherwise the requirements for the undergraduate major must be met.

For the MA degree, students must submit a full empirical thesis, including the literature review, and complete 22 credits of MA coursework not also counting toward the BA degree. These classes must include graduate statistics, graduate experimental, a Masters-level course from the cognitive, biological or assessment psychology areas, and a one-semester research seminar.

Students save substantial time in working toward a Master's degree due to reduced total elective requirements (9 fewer credits required) and reduced time to complete a Master's thesis after the honors literature review has been completed. An application includes three letters of recommendation from members of the faculty and a written personal statement describing the likely area of thesis interest and/or mentor for that research.

Students are admitted during both Fall and Spring semesters. Applications from outstanding transfer students are encouraged once a student has enrolled in classes at CCNY, has targeted a research interest, and can acquire a recommendation from at least one CCNY faculty member.

Interested students should contact

Prof. Vivien Tartter,
Director, B.A./M.A. Program,
location: NAC 7/209    p.: 212.650.5709


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