Building Evacuation

Building Evacuation

Follow the directions given by the Public Safety Department, Fire Floor Wardens and/or the New York City Fire and Police Departments  

Proceed to evacuate the building through designated exit areas (see maps attached to each building below)

Before entering any stairwell, touch the door with the palm of your hand and if it is warm or hot, do not enter the stairwell - Proceed to the next stairwell

Walk downstairs - Do not run - Do not panic - Remain calm

When going down a stairwell, keep your head turned toward the center wall of the stairwell as this precaution will give more protection to your face and eyes in the event of an explosion

Use only smoke and fire-free stairwells. If a stairwell is contaminated with smoke, look for another way out. If you are trapped, notify Public Safety at (212) 650-7777 or extension 6911 - If you cannot get through to Public Safety, go to a window and hang a cloth, preferably a white one, or display some other distinguishing marker for search and rescue teams

In all instances, before exiting the stairwell or building look around to make sure it is safe to exit - Be sure to look above you as debris could be falling - Be aware of your surroundings at all times and to be aware of the environment and look for debris falling, additional explosions, etc. If it is unsafe to leave the building where you are, look for another exit

It is dangerous to use elevators during an evacuation - Use elevators only when authorized to do so by the Fire Department

When using the down escalators, make long and wide turns going from one escalator to the next escalator in order to prevent congestion

When you are outside the building, move approximately 200 feet away from the entrance or to the designated evacuation area (see maps attached to each building below) 

The last person leaving an office or classroom should close the door if safe to do so but leave it unlocked

If there is a large-scale disaster, use the nearest uncontaminated stairwell to travel to the lower levels of the building following all procedures that would be used during a fire 

Public Safety will notify you when the building is safe for re-entry


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