Widespread City Emergency

Widespread City Emergency

An emergency is an unexpected situation or occurrence that demands immediate attention. Although it is almost impossible to predict emergencies and the responses required, it is likely that situations specific to the City College community can be contained internally or with the assistance of the New York City Police Department, Fire Department, or Emergency Medical Services.

Widespread emergencies are more complex. They can impact millions of people, and citywide agencies must use their resources for the entire population and not just City College. City College's Gym in Marshak is an OEM (NYC Office of Emergency Management) reception center for the public in the event of a large scale emergency in the city. If activated, the College will serve as a temporary shelter for people impacted by the emergency and will maintain basic services such as food, beds, lighting and restroom facilities for as long as needed.

The College will attempt to maintain basic services and will make every effort to keep the College community and the general public informed.

As in any emergency, remember to remain calm, follow directions, and stay aware of your surroundings.

Last Updated: 02/27/2020 15:24