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How the Center Helps Instructors

The Writing Center

How the Center Helps Instructors

There are a variety of ways you can utilize the Center:



Individual Tutoring:

Tutors are available:

        Mondays - Thursdays: 10am – 5pm
        Fridays: 10am – 4pm


Mandatory Visits:

You can require your students to log a certain number of visits to the Center during the term. If you choose this option, please call or email the Center so that the necessary arrangements for your class can be made.


Visit Verification Form:

You can require your students to attach a Visit Verification Form to all rough and final drafts. These forms bear the Center's stamp and are dated. Please discourage students from visiting the Center on the day papers are due. If papers are reviewed on the date they are due, students have not done the reflection needed for a successful rewrite.


Referral Forms:

You can use a referral form to send students who are having specific mechanical/grammatical problems.  Download referral form here.




Teacher-Tutor Communication Forms:

Around the seventh week of the semester, you may receive correspondence from tutors regarding your students who have been visiting the Center. Please use this form to give us feedback.


End of Semester Visit Summary:

In the twelfth week of the semester a visit summary report will be sent out to all Instructors teaching Introductory level courses. If you are teaching an upper level course and would like a visit summary report for your class, please contact the Center.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Contact Information:

Svetlana Bochman, PhD

(212) 650-8104