Appointments, Drop-Ins, & Feedback


To guarantee a session, please schedule an appointment:

  • use our online booking system 
  • speak with our front desk staff on Zoom during our office hours
  • visiting in-person or calling the office at 212-650-8104 Monday-Thursday. 

Drop-in Sessions
  • We offer a waiting list option for a drop-in/same-day session.
  • You must visit us on Zoom or on campus to sign up for a drop-in session up to one hour in advance
  • Students who end up on the waiting list are not guaranteed a drop-in session, but we will try our best to accommodate you.
  • To join us for a Zoom drop-in session, please use our pass code to gain access:Tcj8zx
NEW! Asynchronous Feedback
  • You can submit an essay for comments in the form below if you are not able to join a tutoring session. The form will collect submissions until we have reached our weekly limit.
  • Your feedback will be in the form of comments on your draft within 3 working days of submission.
  • Be sure to read the details on the form carefully to avoid having your submission denied and to be clear on what you should expect.




Schedule appointments to guarantee a session.


Sign up for drop-in sessions with our front desk on the same day.


Sessions begin promptly at the start of each hour.

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Terms & Conditions 

For more information on our policies, please read Students' Rights and Responsibilities.

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