Students’ Rights and Responsibilities (Virtual Center)

1. The Writing Center’s services are available to registered CCNY students. We provide a nonjudgmental academic space to write and learn.

2. We offer one-on-one help at any stage of the writing process including planning, drafting, and revising. Because we are not a proofreading or editing service, students are responsible for making changes to their own work.

3. Students may have up to three tutoring sessions per week and one session per day:

a. up to two scheduled appointments + one drop-in session,

b. one scheduled appointment + two drop-in sessions, OR

c. three drop-in sessions.

4. Appointments can be booked with the Front Desk on Zoom or on our website. Appointments cannot be made on the same day, but students may ask to be added to the waiting list.

5. Drop-in students must visit the Zoom link up to one hour before they would like to work with a tutor to be added to the waiting list. Drop-in sessions are not guaranteed, but we try our best to accommodate students. Students must remain in the Zoom waiting room for updates on tutor availability.

6. Sessions begin at the top of the hour and end 50 minutes after the hour. Appointments will be held for no more than five minutes (or ten minutes if we receive notification via Zoom or email).

7. Students should share their work via screen share on Zoom or on Google Docs/OneDrive. We recommend that students use a laptop or tablet if possible.

8. Students may request visit confirmation emails sent to their professor if they have worked with a tutor for at least 30 minutes. Students may request confirmation up to one week after their appointment.

9. Students may apply for long-term (weekly) appointments at the beginning of the semester. For more information, click here.

10. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance online, on Zoom, or by email.

11. Three no-shows/missed appointments a semester will suspend a student’s ability to make appointments for that semester. Students may still try our waiting list for a virtual drop-in session.

12. Respectful, academic, and supportive behavior and service are expected and provided. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone not following our policies and procedures.

Last Updated: 04/01/2024 11:19