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Frequently Asked Questions

The Writing Center

Frequently Asked Questions


What happens in a session?

During a session, the consultant will listen to you and help you focus on what you think is important for you to learn. The consultant will ask you questions about your assignment and what you are trying to say in writing. He or she may ask you to read parts of your paper aloud or suggest that the two of you consult a handbook or other helpful handouts during the session. The consultant will offer guidance as you revise your writing.

The consultant can only help you if he or she understands what you want to work on. Before you meet with a writing consultant, you must decide what you want to do during the session, what you want to work on, and why. Your professor's editing remarks, your peers' critiques, and your own personal knowledge of your writing can help you make these decisions.

What should I bring?

Bring a copy of your assignment, idea, notes, and drafts, along with an extra pen, pencil and paper so you can do your writing and revising at the Writing Center.

Do you have computers?

We have iMac computers. User data files should be stored on personal storage mediums such as, USB Flash drives and online storage services. If you need help getting started, assistance is available.

Do I need an appointment?

Almost always. Sometimes you can walk in and find a consultant available, but we strongly recommend that you make an appointment as soon as you receive a writing assignment. You can't count on consultants being immediately available at the last minute.

You can make an appointment by calling 212-650-8104.

The Writing Center is also available for you to use, without an appointment, to work on assignments on your own.

The staff of the CCNY Writing Center includes a well-prepared group of tutors and assistants ready to help you with your writing concerns.