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Computer Lab

The Writing Center

Computer Lab

The Rudin/Writing Center Computer Lab consists of two computing areas—the main lab and the interactive classroom. The main computer lab has twenty nine (29) iMac computers, each outfitted with applications ranging from word processing to presentation creation software allowing students to tackle all forms of academic projects.

The Rudin interactive classroom is comprised of twenty five (25) iMac computers. These computers have the same applications as the computers in the main lab.

Basic Rules
  • Sign in before you sit at a computer station.
  • No eating or drinking.
  • Be respectful of other lab users, lab equipment and work area at all times.
  • Noise levels in the lab (including talking, music, muffled headphone noise) should be kept to a minimum so that others are not disturbed.
  • No talking on cell phones while in the lab. Please put your phone on vibrate and use the lobby if you need to receive a call.
  • Lab users are to clean up the area around the computer before leaving. This includes removing garbage and paper from the computer station, placing keyboards and mouse pads back in their proper place.
  • Non-CCNY students are prohibited from entering the lab at all times.
  • The lab is to be used for academic work only (essays, research, reading or printing class documents).
While Using the Lab
  • If a computer is unattended for more than ten (10) minutes, it will be reassigned to another user.
  • The Lab Technician on duty will be available to assist users with computer problems, and other computer related tasks.
  • Problems with computer lab equipment are to be reported to the Lab Technician immediately.
  • No physical misuse of the facility or computers will be tolerated.
  • User data files should be saved on personal storage mediums such as, USB Flash drives and online storage services. Files saved on the lab computers are deleted daily.
  • All documents that need to be printed should be saved to the desktop screen and then dragged to the print folder. After the document is placed in the print folder, ask the Lab Technician to print it for you.
  • There is a daily printing limit of 15 pages per student.