Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The CCNY Writing Center is a welcoming and judgement-free place for collaborative learning. We offer one-on-one writing tutoring to undergraduate and graduate students from all academic subjects taught at CCNY.  

Our philosophy is rooted in flexible minimalist tutoring in which students maintain ownership of their writing with the guidance of a tutor. Our tutors assume the role of a writing coach rather than a proofreader/editor so that students learn their strengths and improve on weaknesses in their writing. To do so effectively, tutors use different strategies to adapt to each student's learning needs and keep them engaged during a session. Over time, flexible minimalist tutoring lessens students’ dependence on a tutor and builds their confidence as writers.   

Our Tutors

Writing Center tutors are trained upon hiring and participate in professional development opportunities. Our tutors come from various academic and professional backgrounds. We value having a range of background and tutoring styles to accommodate all students who seek our assistance.

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