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How We Help Students

The Writing Center

How We Help Students

The main goal of the CCNY Writing Center is to help students develop their skills as writers, not just survive the writing assignment. While we recognize that instructors will grade "the writing," we also must respond to the student who wants to know how to achieve success and to develop his or her own abilities as a writer. By responding to the student writer and what he or she is trying to do on the page, we can begin to focus on what the student needs to do to meet his or her written communication goals. Our services include:

1) One-to-one help sessions with trained Writing Consultants from across the academic disciplines. Students may drop by or make appointments, though appointments are preferable.

2) A wide assortment of useful handouts and guides addressing specific writing problems and tasks

3) A Computer Lab for word processing and an Electronic classroom equipped with various interactive grammar programs

4) Class visits and group orientations by appointment