Tutor Job Description

The CCNY Writing Center provides one-on-one peer tutoring for its student writing community.

Consultants at the CCNY Writing Center play the really valuable role of being thoughtful and careful readers of another student's work in a relaxed environment. Consultants do not grade papers or even judge a student's work; instead, they act as helpful, experienced readers of a writer's work. Consultants listen to a student's ideas, read drafts, and discuss assignments as they help the writer to revise his or her writing. Consultants also help students learn how to edit their writing by working with grammar and mechanical problems within the piece of writing.


Summary of Commitments:

1) You must complete a series of training workshops.

2) You are to follow, and reflect upon, the guidelines for working with students. You can still be very individual in your approach, but you should consider how your personal style enhances and reflects the CCNY Writing Center's philosophy and mission.

3) You will be paid for a block of time, not individual sessions. You are paid whether or not a student shows up; sessions are scheduled to last 50 minutes.

4) You must complete a session report for every session.

5) You must work the hours you commit to work. More than two missed tutorials, or consistent lateness will result in dismissal. If you must miss sessions for good reasons, you must notify the front desk and arrange shift coverage.


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