All sessions at the CCNY Writing Center adhere to the same basic structure: each lasts for one hour with 50 minutes for tutoring and 10 minutes at the end for the tutor to write up a session report, take a short break, and prepare for the next session. Because students are permitted only one session per day–a maximum of 3 per week–it is important that the session be as organized and productive as possible. To that end, it can be helpful to think of a standard essay format when structuring your sessions: each session should have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion (see Figure 5).
Figure 5. Architecture of a Tutoring Session

INTRODUCTION (5-10 Minutes)

● Establish Rapport
● Assess the Situation on the Ground
● Prioritize and Focus the Session

BODY OF SESSION (30-40 Minutes)

Define – Discuss Terms or Strategies
Model – Demonstrate Thinking or Skills
Practice – Direct Deliberate Student Practice
Provide Feedback and Encouragement

CONCLUSION (5-10 Minutes)

Summarize Session
Recommend Further Practice and Resources
Write Session Report
With time and experience, individual tutors develop their own style and preferences. As you develop your style, it is important to understand the purpose behind each part of the session and how to practice your style most effectively.