Concluding an ELL Session

If you feel like it is taking a while for your students to get what you are trying to teach them, don’t get frustrated! Learning to write in a foreign language is extremely difficult, and while you might not feel like your student is making quick progress, just remember that immediate fluency is not the end goal. Focus on the small steps that make up the bigger learning process. 

If your student seems frustrated by your pacing, you should remind them of this periodically. It is the Writing Center’s policy and a tenet of our tutoring style here, and they can choose whether to accept that. But as you wrap up your tutoring session, ELL students benefit from the following tutoring practices:
STOP a few minutes early and let them know the session’s ending.
ASK if they have any questions about their work or what you have discussed.
EXPLAIN what their next steps might be, based on your session.
SUMMARIZE what you have successfully covered in the session.
RECOMMEND additional services or options available to the student.
CONSIDER whether they would be a good long-term student candidate