Conclusion of the Session

Summarize Session

Recommend Further Practice and Resources

Write Session Report (5-10 minutes)

Be mindful of ending the session at the 50-minute mark out of respect for other students, tutors, and the front desk staff. You will hear a five-minute warning, which is your cue to wrap up, and a final end-of-session announcement. In those last five minutes, make sure to review the key points addressed in the session and ask if the student has any questions. It can be helpful to have the student articulate what they have learned and what they plan to do next. You might also recommend further resources such as handouts, useful websites, and additional college resources, when relevant.
Don’t forget to ask if they need a confirmation slip!
Finally, allow at least 5 minutes to write up the session report in which you describe the main issues and points covered in the session. Provide any information that you think is relevant and that might help another tutor who subsequently works with the student.