AAC/SDS Student Satisfaction Survey, 2019-2020

The purpose of completing this survey will permit AAC/SDS staff to:

  1. Evaluate the accommodations and services that are provided by AAC/SDS;
  2. Understand the needs and challenges of students with disabilities; and
  3. Address areas of concern.

Please note: This is an anonymous survey that will not impact the accommodations and services that you receive at AAC/SDS.

How were you referred to AAC/SDS?
Please specify the month and year (e.g., 05/2015):
Is your disability temporary or permanent?
Are your accommodations and services temporary or permanent?
I understood how to request accommodations and services at AAC/SDS.
Please indicate your disability type(s)
(Check all that apply)
I utilized the following accommodations and services
(Check all that apply)
If you used Assistive Technology, please indicate the software and devices you utilized
(Check all that apply)
Have you utilized Assistive Technology hardware and software at CCNY libraries and/or computer labs?
Are you involved in the CUNY LEADS Program?
Please describe your experience with the front desk staff at AAC/SDS
How long did it take before you met a counselor for an intake appointment?
Did your counselor address your disability-related needs?
The accommodations and services I utilized were coordinated in a timely manner.
I would be able to complete my classes WITHOUT accommodations and services from AAC/SDS?
Please indicate if you have an interest in attending the following workshops (check all that apply)
(Check all that apply)
Please rate your overall experience at AAC/SDS.
What is your gender?
What is your age?
What is your class status?