Archives Accession Policy

The Dominican Archives functions according to a universal archives collection policy that proclaims the archival validity of all records that document the experience and contributions of the Dominican population, rather than endorsing a view that proposes the collection and preservation only of records of individuals or organizations. The Archives will acquire materials in any available format including, but not limited to, paper records, microfilm, and electronically-produced and maintained collections of historical significance, including online information, relating to the United States Dominican population.

The Dominican Archives will accept archival materials as donations, which will include the total transfer of ownership or title of all materials donated to the Archives voluntarily and gratuitously without regard to any monetary or other considerations, and to take complete control of the archival materials without future revocation. In addition, the location, retention, processing, preservation and use of the archival materials, or disposition (including return of non-archival materials or destruction in case of donor’s refusal to re-accept) are at the discretion of the Archives in accordance with its policies and procedures. Donations of archival materials to the Archives are to be made through a Deed of Gift Form between the Archives and the donor signed and duplicated by both parties, indicating the offer and acceptance of the materials.

The Dominican Archives seeks donations of archival materials to document the experience and contributions of the Dominican population in the United States. The Archives is looking for all types of archival materials, including correspondence relating to immigration or political, social, and educational activities; family history and community events; minutes of social organizations and civic, political or business groups; photographs of storefronts and street scenes; community activities; and family events such as family outings, communions, baptisms, marriages, newspaper clippings related to personal activities, organizations or business events; publications including newspapers, magazines or pamphlets; and any other materials generated by Dominican organizations and individuals in connection with their lives and activities that have historical, research or other value to warrant their permanent preservation.

Therefore, the accession policy of the Dominican Archives is to gather all available archival materials that document the experience and contributions of all segments of the United States Dominican community including political, social and educational activities; family history; community events; social organizations, civic, political or business groups and community leaders. The archives will collect relevant archival materials in any available format that have historical, research, cultural or other important value.


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