Archives Advisory Board

 In 2003, Dr. Ramona Hernández, director of the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute, appointed an Archives Advisory Board to advise the Institute director on matters related to the archival documentation of the Dominican population in the United States. The Archives Advisory Board consists of four prominent members of the Dominican community and distinguished academics. As constituted, the Advisory Board brings a unique combination of knowledge and experience concerning the historical and cultural development of the Dominican population. They also bring vast experience as leaders in various capacities, and broad professional perspectives to effectively guide the Institute director in how best to advance the Dominican Archives and ensure its stability, growth, and fidelity to its mission. Members were selected based on their expertise and the caliber of their reputation, are:

        Daisy Cocco de Filippis, Ph.D.
        Naugatuck Valley Community College

        Walther Delgado
        Director, Center for Community Development and Empowerment
        The Bronx Institute
        Lehman College

        Gabriel Haslip-Viera, Ph.D.
        Former Chair, Department of Sociology
        The City College of New York

        Moisés Pérez
        Alianza Dominicana, Inc.