Archives Internship Programs

The Dominican Archives Internship Programs provide practical archival work experience to high school, undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in pursuing a career in the archival profession, or using archival materials for research. The program is designed to provide interns with hands-on training regarding the survey, accessioning, processing, arrangement and description, preservation, and use of primary source materials. The program is supervised by the Chief Archivist and includes information relating to the educational requirements and employment opportunities in the archival profession; information relating to appropriate workplace conduct, work habits, time management, job performance, and job-readiness skills; use of primary source materials; preservation of family records; and information related to employment in the archival profession. The Archives Internship Program comprises of the following specific components: 
The High School Internship Program accepts application from High Schools students who are interested in learning about the preservation of archival materials and the use of primary source material for research. The program is supplemented by a mentoring program which provides participants with information about college readiness such as college admission requirements, entrance exams, college essays, scholarship opportunities; available financial aid as well professional careers. Interns acquire invaluable work experience that is not easily available at other workplaces. The Dominican Archives has hosted high school interns during the summer and academic year with some success. High School interns are required to write and submit a short essay describing their work and learning experiences related to the internship.
The Undergraduate Internship Program operates on a year-round basis. Candidates for this program are selected from The City College of New York federal Work-Study Program; volunteers and college assistants; and from other colleges and universities undergraduate programs. The internship program includes a mentoring component consisting of dissemination of information pertinent to their field of study; information about the availability of scholarships and fellowships; professional development; job-readiness skills;     employment opportunities, the job interviewing process and recommendations for graduate school and employment. They are also encouraged to use primary source materials from the Dominican Archives or other local archival institutions for their college papers or assignments. 
The Graduate Internship Program recruits candidates from library and information graduate schools that have a concentration in archives studies. Graduate archives students have the opportunity to combine their academic education with practical archival experience provided by the Chief Archivist who is a highly experienced archives and professional. The graduate interns provide the academic perspective and recent developments in the archival profession to lower level interns and paraprofessional archives staff. Graduate interns may receive college credits for their internship at the Dominican Archives depending on their institutional internships programs.

Application Deadline

Our internship calendar is divided into three academic yearly cycles: spring, summer, and fall. 
We will be accepting applications for the Archives Internship Programs on these periods: 
Internship Periods
Spring: January-May (application deadline: November 1) 
Summer: June-August (application deadline: January 30)
Fall: September-December (application deadline: June 1)
Please note: We do not accept applications that are sent after the deadlines above.

Application Procedure

All applications must be filled electronically. To apply, please send a letter of intent and CV to:
Idilio Gracia Peña, Chief Archivist       
Dominican Archives
CUNY Dominican Studies Institute
Jessy Pérez, Archivist