Members of the Dominican community have donated their personal and/or institutional documents to the Dominican Archives. These donors constitute a cross-section of a large segment of the Dominican population, especially in New York City. The archival materials donated include personal letters, institutional correspondence, personal papers, newspaper articles, minutes of organization and group meetings, magazines, photographs, press releases, newspaper clippings, videotapes, journals, bulletins, personal writings, drafts of literary pieces, certificates, medals, and proclamations. These documents are a valuable resource for the study and reconstruction history, experience and contributions of Dominicans as they established themselves in the United States.

The holdings of the Archives comprise 70 collections with approximately 600 cubic feet of archival materials relating to the experience and contributions of the Dominican population in the United States.


Major Collections

  1.  Juan A. Paulino
      Prominent Civic Activist
      Founder, Club Cívico y Cultural Juan Pablo Duarte

      Dates of Collection: 1966-1992
      Description of the Collection

  2.  Normandía Maldonado
      Pioneering Community Activist in the Arts
      Founder, Centro Cultural Ballet Quisqueya

      Dates of Collection: 1953-2000
      Description of the Collection

  3.  Tito Enrique Cánepa
      Prominent Dominican Artist
      Dates of Collection: 1945-present
      Description of the Collection

  4.  Zunilda Fondeur
      Distinguished Dominican Journalist
      Producer and Host, Realidades
      Description of the Collection

  5.  Rafael Petitón Guzmán (1894-1983)
      Noted Dominican Composer, Band Leader, Songwriter, and Conductor
      Founded Orquesta Lira Dominicana
      Description of the Collection