CUNY Dominican Studies Institute Archives Collections

Members of the Dominican community have donated their personal and/or institutional documents to the Dominican Archives. These donors constitute a cross-section of a large segment of the Dominican population, especially in New York City. The archival materials donated include personal letters, institutional correspondence, personal papers, newspaper articles, minutes of organization and group meetings, magazines, photographs, press releases, newspaper clippings, videotapes, journals, bulletins, personal writings, drafts of literary pieces, certificates, medals, and proclamations. These documents are a valuable resource for the study and reconstruction history, experience and contributions of Dominicans as they established themselves in the United States.

The holdings of the Archives comprise 75 collections with approximately 1,235 cubic feet of archival materials relating to the experience and contributions of the Dominican population in the United States.

Archives Collections

1. The Juan A. Paulino Collection
2. The Normandía Maldonado Budhai Collection
3. The Rafael Petitón Guzmán Collection
4. The Tito Enrique Cánepa Jiménez Collection
5. The Zunilda Fondeur Collection 
6. The Mercedes González Collection
7. The Bienvenido Lara Flores Collection
8. The Anthony-Stevens Acevedo Collection
9. The Luis Álvarez-López Collection
10. The Carolina Beaumont Videotape Collection
11. Asociación de Egresados de la Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo Collection 
12. The Asociaciones Dominicana Collection
13. La Casa de la Cultura Dominicana in New York Collection
14. The Dominicans 2000 Collection
15. The Luisa Ruíz Collection
16. The Rolando Acosta Collection
17. The Nancy Zapata Collection
18. The Roberto Hiciano-Payano Collection
19. The Stephen Hostesse Collection
20. The Hope Reynolph Stevens Collection
21. The Porfirio Piña and Pavel de Jesús Collection
22. The José A. Santana Collection
23. The Persio Feliz Collection

24. The Language & Literacy Resource Center
25. The Archivo General de Indias Microfilm Collection
26. Asociación de Ingenieros Dominicanos Collection
27. Asociaciones Dominicanas, Inc. Collection
28. The Bienvenido Castillo Collection
29. The Bronx Community College Students Oral History Interviews
30. The Carlos Alberto Martinez Collection

31. The Celeste Frias Yepes Collection
32. The Centro Cívico Cultural Dominicano Collection
33. The CUNY Dominican Studies Institute Collection
34. The Francisco Torres-Petitón Collection
35. The José A. Freilla Interview
36. The Luis José Cabrera Oral History Interview
37. The Julia Santos Solomón Collection
38. The Julio César Rodríguez Collection
39. The Onésimo Guerrero Collection
40. The Manifestaciones Art Exhibit Collection
41. The Ramón Bodén Collection
42. The Ryan-Mann Hamilton Samaná Collection
43. The Rosa Guerrero Collection
44. The Ventana al Pasado Virtual Collection
45. The Rosita Romero Oral History Interview

46. The Mary Ely Grateraux Collection
47. The César Romero Videotapes Collection
48. The Humberto Oliveras Videotape Collection
49. The Rafael Diaz Videotapes Collection


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