Colonial Slave Legislations & Slavery in the Americas

Dominican Studies Institute
Harvard Afro-Latin American Studies Research Institute at the Hutchings Center and
Black Studies Program, Division of Humanities &the Arts, The City College of New York

Colonial Slave Legislations & Slavery in the Americas

Slave populations in the New World resisted enslavement using different methods, from adopting violence and escaping to passive resistance. Colonial empires systematically passed legislation to justify and retain control of the slave population and penalize resistance. Join us in a dialogue about slavery, resistance, and slave laws in the Americas.

Lissette Acosta Corniel,CUNY Dominican Studies Institute

Ana Araujo,Howard University

Alejandro de la Fuente,Afro-Latin American Research Institute, Harvard University

Aurelia Martín Casares, University of Granada, Spain

Anthony Stevens Acevedo,CUNY Dominican Studies Institute

Richard Turits,College of William and Mary

When: Friday, October 17, 2014
Time: 6:00pm –8:00pm
Place: CUNY Dominican Studies Institute Archives and Library,        
              Room 2/202, NA Building,
             The City College of New York