Colores del carnaval Dominicano

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Colores del carnaval dominicano

Colores del carnaval dominicano. Produced by Rubén Duran and Donna Pinnick. Houston, Texas, 2011. Spanish with English subtitles. Color; 54:24 minutes. DVD 30

This digital film explores Dominican identity by looking at the yearly carnival celebrations that put to the fore a cultural mosaic forged by ordinary people during and after the colonial period. The filmmakers trace the carnival roots to the European masquerade celebrations during medieval times; and the cultural and social imprint left on the island by African slaves. Additionally, the documentary connects present –day carnival festivities and its unique popular character to the aftermath of the 1863 War of Restoration fought against the Spanish Imperial Crown by Black Dominicans the majority of who belonged to the lowest strata of society. Featuring Dagoberto Tejada Ortiz, Lynne Guitar, Juampa, Melvin Marte, Juan Vázquez and Eugenia Torres.


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