Dr. Francisco Pérez Soriano

      CUNY DSI Research Fellow

Dr. Francisco Pérez Soriano
   Dr. Francisco
   Pérez Soriano

Dr. Francisco Pérez Soriano is trained in philosophy.  He is a professor of philosophy and humanities at Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Since the 1990’s, Pérez Soriano has dedicated himself to studying the thought of Dominican philosophers who have been overlooked in a society that more and more looks outside for validation and sources of inspiration. Among Pérez Soriano’s publications is Por los caminos de la historia de la crítica filosófica en República Dominicana, a book published in 2019 by Editorial Universitaria. As a CUNY DSI Research Fellow Dr. Pérez Soriano will focus on Juan Francisco Sanchez, a Dominican philosopher of the 1950s whose contributions still remain very much unknown, despite Sánchez’s prolific writings.

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