La herencia del tirano: Balaguer y el poder

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la-herencia-del-tirano077La Herencia del Tirano: Balaguer y el Poder

La Herencia del Tirano: Balaguer y el Poder. Directed by Rene Fortunato. Santo Domingo, 1998. Spanish. Color; 90 minutes. VHS 58 and DVD 34.

 This documentary shows the dramatic events that took place immediately after the assassination of dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. It shows the "Unión Cívica" and "14 de Junio" demonstrations against the Trujillo followers, the efforts of Joaquín Balaguer and Ramfis Trujillo to continue in power, the seminal activities of the political party PRD, the elections of 1962, and the rise to power of Juan Bosch, among other events.

Note: The DVD version includes English subtltles.


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