Luis Alvarez-Lopez

The Luis Alvarez-Lopez Collection, 1998-2001

Bibliographical Note: Luis Alvarez-Lopez was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic in 1950. He was one of the founding members of the Council of Dominican Educators who established the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute at the City College of New York in 1992. Dr. Álvarez-Lopez is a graduate of the Interamerican University in Puerto Rico, and earned an M.A. in History from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, and a Ph.D. in History from New York University. Dr. Luis Alvarez-López sits on the faculty of Boricua College. Throughout his academic career, he has taught in the areas of Race and Ethnicity in the Unites States, Caribbean History, Latin American History, and History of the Dominican Republic. He has taught for many years at The City University of New York as an assistant professor at John Jay College, and as an adjunct instructor at City College, Borough of Manhattan Community College, and Hostos Community College. He was a Faculty Advisor for the Dominican Students Association of John Jay College, a Department Representative, Course Fair/Early registration, sponsored by the Division of Students Development, Provost, Faculty, Senate, and Council of Chairs in November 2004. He was also a Department Representative at the open House Puerto Ricans/Latin American Studies Department. He was a member of the Latin American Students Association (LASA), the Caribbean Studies, the Advisory Committee of Casa Cultural Dominicana, New York; also a member of the Alumni Association of the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, and a member of the Alumni Association of the University of Puerto Rico. Dr. Alvarez-Lopez is the author of several books, including Dominación Colonial y Guerra Popular 1861-1865 (La Anexión y la Restauración en la Historia Dominicana), Secuestro de Bienes de Rebeldes (1987), Estado y Sociedad Durante la Dictadura de Trujillo, and Conclusiones Fundamentales Sobre la Anexión y la Guerra de la Restauracion1844-1865 (2004). His other publications include a research monograph Dominican Resources and Research Questions published by the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute. Other journals and articles include, “Estado y sociedad en la última dominación española,” “Perejil Ocaso de la Hispanidad Dominicana,” “Dieciséis conclusiones fundamentales sobre la Anexión y la Restauración,” “Sobre Cultura Dominicana de los Estados Unidos y el Poder de Trujillo (A Dominican People: a Documentary History),” and “Santo Domingo Puerto Rico y Cuba en el ciclo Revolucionario Hispano.”  

Scope and Contents Note: The Luis Alvarez-López Collection contains information that he collected while working in the Centro de Estudios Dominicanos such as documents, correspondence, publications, flyers, financial records, articles, magazines, newspaper clippings, invitations to events, etc. The collection also has a subject file in which he collected diverse information about different topics. The collection incorporates information about el Movimiento de Liberación Dominicana which talk about the history of the Dominican Republic, the economy in the Dominican Republic during the tyranny of  Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, and about the development and protection of Dominicans. The Inclusive dates of the information collected are from 1801- 2005.

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