Mercedes Gonzalez

The Mercedes Gonzalez Collection

Mercedes GonzalezBiographical Note: Mercedes Gonzalez was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic (when?). She migrated to New York City in 1960, prior to the great Dominican exodus. Since her arrival to New York City, González has been an active member of the Dominican community. She is a writer and mentor who began publishing short stories from an early age in the Dominican newspapers La Información and Vanguardia. She graduated from Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo in 1955 with a degree of Pharmacy and Chemical Sciences. While in the Dominican Republic, Ms. González was involved in underground movements against the dictatorship of Rafael Leónidas Trujillo. She has volunteered her time in various community-based organizations helping new Dominican immigrants become acquainted with life in their new communities and provided counseling to Dominican youngsters. Mercedes González has published several books for children and several short stories as well as articles in local community publications.

Scope and Contents Note: The Mercedes Gonzalez Collection contains By-Laws and Charter of Incorporation of the Núcleo Cultural de Santiagueros en New York, an organization founded by Ms. Gonzalez. It also contains photographs relating to her community activities, her brother as a member of the Dominican Baseball Team, in Mexico, her son as an actor, as well as photographs of her family in the Dominican Republic and New York.

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