Roberto Hiciano-Payano

The Roberto Hiciano-Payano Collection, 1960-2007

Roberto Hiciano-PayanoBiographical Note: Roberto Antonio Hiciano Payano (“Kike” as he was popularly known), was born on February 9, 1960 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and died on July 10, 2007 in the City of New York. He completed his elementary and secondary studies in the Dominican Republic. In addition, he took several college courses and completed several technical courses in digital editing video production, camera operator, computer technician, and video directing. He edited, posted and produced together with  cinematographer  René Fortunato, one of the  most important  documentaries of the history of the Dominican Republic :"Abril: La Trinchera Del Honor". He worked in several television channels of the Dominican  Republic such as: Color Vision (El Show del Mediodía), Santo Domingo Invita, Rahintel, Radio Televisión Dominicana, Telesistema (Canal 11), and VTP. 
In New York City, he produced his own television program: Dinamismo Hispano. He worked with newswoman Zunilda Fondeur for seven years in the television show "Realidades"; collaborated with many television producers in the City of New York such as Nazario Brea, Rafael Montolio, Ramón Anibal Ramos, Roberto Gerónimo, Kathy Torres, Rafael Diaz, Maria La Paz, Emilio Angeles, Cesar Romero, Frank Ferreiras, Isa Pereyra, Adalberto Grullón, Patria Gonzales, Fernando Oliver, Mario Veras, Roberto Moran, among others. He also collaborated with the following television shows: Tours; Lluvia Musical; El Show de Ramon Anibal "Lo Mejor del Cable", Dialogando Con Su Médico, and others. In addition, worked in musical videos    with award winner artists such as Juan Luis Guerra’s "Ojalá Que Llueva Café";, Sergio Vargas, El Chaval De La Bachata, La New York Band, Milly Quezada, Johnny Ventura, Jochy Hernández, Dionis Fernández, Willie Chirino, Luisa María Guell, Julio Zabala, Tavel Dominic, Orquesta Banabras (Panamá), El Zafiro, Anthony Villalona, Conjunto Quisqueya, Andy, and Aventura.  He was an active member of the Lions Clubs and the Asociación Conciencia Politica Dominicana (COPODO).

Scope and Content Note: The Roberto Hiciano Payano Videotape Collection consists of 683 videotapes (65 cubic feet of tape) relating to his activities as a videographer and television producer. Included in the collection are interviews with prominent Dominican civic and community leaders; sports personalities; local state and Dominican politicians; political campaigns; parades, festivals, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and baptism ceremonies;  musical events; conferences;  performing arts; fashion shows; variety shows such as Dinamismo Hispano and  Realidades; documentaries;  and community  organizations annual fundraising events.

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