CLAS Liberal Arts Majors and Interdisciplinary Concentrations

Candidates in Childhood Education and Bilingual Childhood Education majors are required by New York State Education Department to carry, in addition to the Education major, a CLAS major or Interdisciplinary Concentration from the list below.

Majors in Early Childhood Education have a different prescriptive list of interdisciplinary choices.

Important: An Interdisciplinary Concentrations is selected in consultation with a faculty advisor.


SOE Interdisciplinary Concentration:

  • Art in its Cultural Context Concentration
  • Biology Concentration
  • Chemistry Concentration
  • Earth Science Concentration
  • Language & Literature Concentration
  • Elementary Mathematics Concentration
  • Mathematics Concentration
  • Social Studies Concentration
  • Theatre and Its Cultural Context Concentration

More information about the concentrations and required courses can be found in the bulletin.

Last Updated: 08/23/2022 15:19