CCNY Event Policy

These policies have been developed to streamline the process for request and use of CCNY event space and promote effective communication in the planning, execution, and evaluation of events taking place at The City College of New York. 


There should be significant CCNY interest in hosting the proposed event and it must be one that aligns with City College's mission, goals, and ideals. The individual/organization must also agree to comply with all of the CCNY rules and regulations. CCNY reserves the right of approval of all facility-use requests and may impose restrictions and limitations of use, in addition to any restrictions consistent with the operation of CCNY.


In order to promote a beneficial study environment for our students, event and/or space requests will be denied during the final examination period. This period is defined as the end of regular classes through the end of the last final exam scheduled. Departmental meetings and other private end-of-semester activities will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


As a courtesy to faculty and staff, City College Departments may elect to sponsor activities of external parties, and have venue fees waived. In order for an on-campus activity to qualify for sponsorship status, the event or program must meet the following criteria: 

  1. Activity must be related to the Department's goals, vision, and curriculum.
  2. Activity must be planned, produced, and executed by a City College Department or designated faculty person(s).
  3. Activity must have the written approval from the Department's Director and or Chairperson.

The signed Event Sponsorship form stipulates that the Department will pay for all costs associated with the event including but not limited to: security, custodial services and A/V with departmental funds (non-tax levy). 

When a department sponsors an event or program on campus, the department, as producer of the activity, agrees to absorb all insurance liability associated with the event or program.


CCNY requires all external (non-affiliated) groups, organizations, and individuals who are utilizing space at CCNY to provide insurance documentation. A complete list of CCNY's insurance requirements is available here, or you may click this link to download the PDF.


The Office of Events Management must approve all ticketing and marketing materials for all events held on campus.  Please send prospective flyers and posters to for approval.  Tickets and marketing materials must clearly identify the sponsoring group, organization or department along with contact information.  Also, time, date, and location must be conspicuously placed.

Approved materials will be emailed in PDF format with the OEM approval stamp. You are free to print, distribute, and post approved flyers and posters. Bulletin boards assigned to specific divisions or programs  should be respected.

All marketing materials must be removed immediately following the event or 15 days after the authorization date, whichever comes first. Removal is the responsibility of the sponsoring group, organization, or department. Materials found posted in unauthorized places or areas, or materials not approved by OEM will be removed. Posters or flyers without the required date stamp will also be removed.

OEM reserves the right to deny the posting and/or distribution of flyers or posters if information or materials contradict The City College of New York's missions or goals, are indecent, and/or are unlawful

No commercial or sales advertising is permitted on campus bulletin boards.


Credit Cards, Checks, & Money Orders are acceptable forms of payment (if accepted by event organizers) for events taking place at City College.  All cash transactions associated with events must transpire off-campus or in specific areas designated by the Office of Public Safety (this may involve additional security charges).  This policy includes but is not limited to: ticket sales, event registration, & merchandise sales.  


Certain areas of the College are designated as Public Assembly Spaces.  These specially designated spaces hold large numbers of people and are treated differently than non-designated spaces.  Designated Public Assembly Spaces include the Great Hall, the Ballroom, all of the theaters, the Nat Holman Gymnasium, and both the student and faculty cafeterias, among others.  

To ensure the safety of people attending public events the New York City Department of Buildings in conjunction with the New York City Fire Department established a specially designated civilian title called Fire Guard.  Fire Guards are certified by the New York City Fire Department and are required by law to be present at events taking place in Public Assembly Spaces.  

The primary function of a Fire Guard is to direct the evacuation of people from an area in the event of an emergency.  The number and placement of the Fire Guards depend on the location and nature of the event and is determined by the office of Public Safety.   


The use of metal detectors is required for any campus event at which the administrators of the CCNY Department of Public Safety determine a need for the detectors. Staffing costs for the metal detector will be passed along to event organizers. 


The City College of New York is a tobacco-free campus as of September 4, 2012, in accordance with a policy adopted by the CUNY Board of Trustees. This means use of tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco, is not permitted indoors as well as anywhere on campus grounds, including building entrances, playing fields and parking lots.

For more information on this policy please visit the CUNY website.


We have a responsibility for the health and well-being of our students, many of whom are minors, as well as for all our employees.  Therefore, no drugs or alcoholic beverages of any kind will be permitted at any departmental or school event at which students or minors may be present.  

For external or sponsored events, beer and wine (only) may be served provided the client has secured a liquor license or caterer with a liquor license.

The complete CUNY policy will be found on their website.

The City University of New York (CUNY) is an institution committed to promoting the physical, intellectual, and social development of all individuals.  As such, CUNY seeks to prevent the abuse of drugs and alcohol, which can adversely impact performance and threaten the health and safety of students, employees, their families, and the general public.  CUNY complies with all federal, state, and local laws concerning the unlawful possession, use, and distribution of drugs and alcohol.  The following standards of conduct are in effect at CUNY:

The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of drugs or alcohol by anyone, on CUNY property (including residence halls), in CUNY buses or vans, or at CUNY-sponsored activities, is prohibited.  In addition, CUNY employees are prohibited from illegally providing drugs or alcohol to CUNY students.  Finally, no student may possess or consume alcoholic beverages in any CUNY residence hall, regardless of whether the student is of lawful age.

Students are expected to comply with the CUNY and college policies with respect to drugs and alcohol.  Any student found in violation may be subject to disciplinary action under Article 15 of the CUNY Board of Trustees Bylaws, which may result in sanctions up to and including expulsion from the University.   In addition, any student who resides in a CUNY residence hall and who is found to have violated any CUNY or college policy with respect to drugs and alcohol may be subject to sanctions under the CUNY Residence Hall Disciplinary Procedures, up to and including expulsion from the residence hall.

Any employee found to have violated the CUNY policy may be subject to disciplinary action, in accordance with the procedures set forth in applicable CUNY policies, rules, regulations, and collective bargaining agreements. Sanctions may include reprimand, suspension without pay or termination.

No alcohol will be allowed to be served at an event on the CCNY campus if students are present.

For external or sponsored, beer and wine may be served provided the client has secured a liquor license or caterer with a liquor license


To lessen the risk of foodborne illness, The City College of New York mandates that for fundraising events students may only serve individually wrapped goods. Students are prohibited from selling foods that require special handling or that require heating or refrigeration. Students serving food must practice good health and hygiene.


Solid alcohol (sterno) heating of prepared food is permitted given the proper precautions are taken to maintain the safety of occupants.

Sterno must be in the metal racks that are made to hold the food pans. The racks and the sterno must be in a large metal pans filled with water. There must not be any combustible/flammable items on the tables; this includes tablecloths, flags, any type of drapery, fliers or signs. There should be a fire extinguisher in the vicinity of each table.

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