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Event Facilities

Division of Government, Community, and Cultural Affairs

Event Facilities

Organizations external to the college wishing to use City College facilities will be charged a space rental fee. Currently registered City College student clubs, departments, and organizations will not be charged site usage fees.

Facility Maximum Capacity Rate Non-Profit Rate

Great Hall

1000 $10,000 $7,000
NAC Multipurpose Room 200 $2,000


Lecture Hall 100 - 180 $1,000


Shepard Hall-250 80 $1,000


*Aaron Davis Hall 637


**Nat Holman Gymnasium 2,000


(City College Performing Arts Center)

Gregory Shanck
Managing Director of Aaron Davis Hall
(212) 650-5362
Wille Administration Bldg, Room 208
Visit for more information. 


Derek Faucher
Assistant Facilities Director
The City College of New York
Marshak Science Bldg. MR-20
(212) 650-7562

Athletic facilities include Wingate Hall, Gymnasium, WN-106, and the swimming pool.
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