Checklist to Graduation

Graduation To-Do Checklist


  • Check the availability of Migen Prifti for the rest of Fall 2020 to make an appointment:      


  • Apply for graduation on CUNYFirst by the deadline that is posted on the Academic Calendar.                

There are 3 graduations: Fall, Spring, Summer


  • Check with Program director the following dates and deadlines if any or all are required of your MA program:
    • Thesis* submission (It usually is on May 7, August 7, December 7 unless “7“ falls on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.)
    • Foreign Language Exam** is coordinated by the Classical and Modern Languages of CCNY (e-mail to Program Directors is sent every semester)
    • Comprehensive exam***


  • Submit to my office by the deadline the following:
    • Program Completion checklist signed by Program Director
    • Thesis signed by all respective reader(s)


Other matters to attend to:

  • Make sure you don’t have any grades of INC grades, because that will prevent you from graduation.
  • Make sure that you have the total required credits for your program by the end of the semester
  • Make sure that transfer credits such as e-permits/mobility semester/Study       Abroad, Advanced Standing are posted well before the deadline to submit your thesis* and program clearance form.


For further questions, please contact, Migen Prifti,Divisional Advisor and Auditor

NAC 5/225  e-mail: