Graduation Checklist - Graduate Programs

Please begin work on this checklist in the first weeks of the semester in which you plan to graduate:
  • Email Migen Prifti to make an appointment:      

  • Apply for graduation on CUNYFirst by the deadline that is posted on the Academic Calendar. There are three auditing periods for graduating students:
  • Spring — degrees conferred June 1
  • Summer — degrees conferred September 1
  • Fall — degrees conferred January 1 or February 1
  • Check with Program director the following dates and deadlines if any or all are required of your MA program:
    • Thesis* submission (It usually is on May 7, August 7, December 7 unless “7“ falls on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.)
    • Foreign Language Exam** is coordinated by the Classical and Modern Languages of CCNY (e-mail to Program Directors is sent every semester)
    • Comprehensive exam***
  • Submit to my office by the deadline the following:
    • Program Completion checklist signed by Program Director
    • Thesis signed by all respective reader(s)
      • *Department-approved cover page
      • *Thesis hard copy in black binder
      • *Upload thesis on Academic Works ****   


Other matters to attend to:

  • Make sure you don’t have any grades of INC grades, because that will prevent you from graduation.
  • Make sure that you have the total required credits for your program by the end of the semester
  • Make sure that transfer credits (e-permits, mobility semester, Study Abroad, Advanced Standing, etc.) are posted well before the deadline to submit your thesis* and program clearance form.
  • Commencement: There are two ceremonies each year in which H&A graduates are allowed to participate: one organized by Student Affairs and the other by the Division itself. If you would like to participate in both, you need to respond to both invitations sent to your CCNY e-mail separately. You purchase only one cap and gown for both ceremonies.


For further questions:

Migen Prifti
Director of Graduate Advising and Divisional Degree Auditor
North Academic Center, Room 5/225

  • * This applies to thesis/tesina/field papers
  • ** Knowledge of a Foreign Language is required to take the exam. Please discuss the other options to satisfy the Foreign Language requirement, such as a Reading Foreign Language course at the Graduate Center
  • *** Only applicable to English and Spanish MA students
  • **** Uploading to Academic Works is applicable to thesis only for the following MA programs: Art History, English, History.  



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