Services We Provide

Media Relations
We develop stories from all areas and offices of City College to present the institution in a positive and forthright manner highlighting the many accomplishments of its students, faculty and alumni.  We work closely with members of the print, online, and digital media and provide guidance on the details of information forwarded to them.  The department has a sophisticated database of contacts from which specific lists are targeted based on the nature of a news item, and innovative monitoring and analytic tools to track the news releases and stories after publication.

Members of the media seeking access to school information or officials should contact the Office of Communications and Marketing for quickest response.

Web-Based Communications >>
The professional staff within the Office of Communications and Marketing is responsible for the CCNY website.  In early 2013, a major overhaul of the website was started with a dramatic new design, innovative information architecture and navigation that together make all information quick and easy to access by all web visitors. All school, division, office and department subsites on the College website are designed by this office in a proprietary content management system.  The process begins with a consultation with content owners to assess their needs; the “owners” provide the actual content for these sites.  Then, we train users to maintain their sections so they can keep them current and relevant.  In addition, we maintain the College’s Calendar of Events, which is at your disposal.

Social Networking and Social Media
Social networks and social media are increasingly popular ways to connect with students, faculty, alumni and other stakeholders.  The Office of Communications and Marketing has created a CCNY page on Facebook with thousands of fans that is linked to a Twitter account that is gaining new followers almost every day.
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Print Design and Production >>
All advertising and print material distributed to the public goes through the Office of Communications and Marketing for consultation and approval.  We offer management of outside approved vendors to produce high-quality brochures, invitations, postcards, reports and other publications to support objectives such as student acquisition, event promotion, government / community relations and development.

E-mail / Voicemail Marketing >>
Direct marketing tactics such as e-mail and voicemail efficiently deliver your message to your desired audience.  The Office of Communications and Marketing designs e-mail announcements to promote on-campus events, and delivers them to faculty, staff, students and alumni.  In addition, we can help you get your announcement distributed via voicemail to all on-campus phone extensions.

Integrated Marketing Communications >>
The Office of Communications and Marketing is your on-campus marketing consultancy.  "Integrated Marketing" simply means that we will incorporate advertising, email, web presence and other communications methods to solve your departmental challenges. 

If you are trying to increase visibility for a particular program, promote an exciting event upcoming or need to reach out to a specific audience, we will be glad to work with you to tailor a communications strategy that will bring you the results you require.

Call our office and we will set up a time to meet to formulate a plan to meet your particular objectives. 

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