Join Our Community of Supporters

City College's commitment to providing the best quality education remains as passionate as what inspired the founding of our institution. Our ability to reinforce this excellence is bolstered by our exceptional faculty conducting pioneering research in their respective fields. This synergy creates innovative classes and initiates vanguard programs enhancing our students’ overall educational experience. However, the financial reality is that tuition and government support alone do not cover the entire costs of a City College education. Private philanthropy is the central spark that energizes this entire enterprise. 

We are fortunate that members of the City College and philanthropic community have invested in the City College dream. Their generous support of faculty research, departmental intiatives, and student programs provided the resources that created the City College we have come to know. 

Now, you can be one of them. As financial support from city and state agencies continues to decline, we hope you will join them and take up the challenge to take City College to the next level of excellence.


Last Updated: 02/05/2020 15:24