March 11, 2020
Dear CUNY Community, As your Chancellor, my highest priorities in charting a response to the fast-evolving coronavirus threat are to protect the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff while maintaining academic continuity and safeguarding students’ ability to finish their semester and protect their financial aid. I know that you are concerned for your own health, the health of your loved ones, and that of our communities. I also share these concerns and know they weigh heavily on all of us. As you are probably aware, per Governor Cuomo’s comments earlier today,… Read More »

March 10, 2020
Dear Members of the City College Community, I am writing with some updates to our response to the COVID-19 outbreak. In this memo I'll talk about travel restrictions that we're putting in place, as well as restrictions on large, non-essential gatherings. First, however, I'd like to address on-line instruction. The hotline that we've put in place is up and running, and many of the calls are from students who, for one reason or another, feel particularly vulnerable in the face of the virus. Some have pre-existing health conditions, or compromised immune systems. Others live with… Read More »

March 09, 2020
Dear Members of the City College Community, I am forwarding, with this note, instructions for classes and offices to begin setting up on-line communication protocols.  You’ll see a range of tools that you have access to, and we’re repeating the call for faculty members and students, as well as office staff, to identify the platform they will use, and then practice. Faculty will need affirmative permission from a department chair and deans to move an entire course on-line, but students can request on-line access to classes still being taught in person.  Faculty should acquiesce… Read More »

March 09, 2020
The City College campus has resources that can be used in the event of a campus closing to continue instruction and learning. Remember that a course instructor who has reason to move a class from in-person to online instruction must receive permission from his or her chair, and chairs should coordinate these requests with deans.  Course instructors should take some time now to decide which of the following technologies best fit the needs of your class, and test everyone’s ability to log on and use the system. Keep track of students who have no way of connecting from home or… Read More »

March 06, 2020
In an effort to more effectively assist and keep track of members of our community who have elected to self-quarantine due to COVID-19, we have implemented use of a community hotline. If you have made the decision to self-quarantine, please let us know by calling: 212-650-7682 or 212-650-8801.   Once we know about your decision, we can work with you to ensure you have the latest information on campus measures and check-in with you from time to time to make sure you're doing well. This will also allow us to provide you with access to any campus contacts you may need. Thank you… Read More »

March 06, 2020
Dear Members of the City College Community, I wanted to write with a few updates about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and how we are handling things that may impact campus operations. I’m sending this memo to the campus, but we’ll immediately post it onto the web (there will be a prominent link on the homepage). In this memo, I’ll discuss what we know about keeping the campus safe and secure, talk about travel in general (mainly referring you to a memo the Chancellor distributed yesterday) and finally discussing what we need to do today to prepare for contingencies in the future. … Read More »

March 01, 2020
Dear Members of the City College Community, CUNY and CCNY are closely monitoring the latest updates and developments regarding COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, a respiratory illness causing flu-like symptoms. As a campus, we are following CDC and New York (City and State) Health Department guidelines. There are currently no changes to our normal routines and activities, and we hope not to make such changes.  Any update to that situation will be posted on the college’s website, and we’ll update that as soon as any need arises. Your first stop on campus, if you need information… Read More »

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