Dear Members of the CCNY Community, Diversity, inclusion, and an environment free from discrimination are central to the mission of City College. During these difficult times, we want to remind you that City College remains a diverse learning community dedicated to promoting a culture of respect. While we move to distance learning alternatives, City College and CUNY Policies remain in effect. Acts of discrimination, harassment or exclusion run counter to our institutional values and contrary to CUNY Policy. As we respond to the uncertain and rapidly changing coronavirus (COVID-… Read More »

Dear Members of the City College Community, I am writing to announce some changes to our library operations. We would like to work to reduce the total amount of people on campus at any given time and therefore, effective March 19, 2020, all CCNY libraries will be closed for in-person visits, however, the library staff will remain available and can be accessed via the following link: Via that link you will be able to email, text or chat with a member of the CCNY Libraries team and all online resources will be available 24/7.  In order to… Read More »

Dear Campus Community: As I discussed in my last general update memo, the meaning of the words "essential employee" is rapidly shifting. We traditionally designate around 200 employees, mainly in facilities and security, as essential, and ask that they come into to work in order to maintain the safety of our campus during moments like snow storms.  The vast majority of the campus--faculty, most staff and students--stay away from the campus and don't work during those "normal" emergencies. The COVID-19 virus imposes new conditions on us, and forces us to revise… Read More »

Dear Members of the City College Community, We are now on the verge of relaunching instructional activity on a fully online basis.  At the same time, your offices should have completed the task of designating as many people as possible for working off-campus and telecommuting.  As you’ll see from a memo that will come out today, we are making specific designations for essential and non-essential staff, with the goal of moving everyone who can execute their work functions to a telecommute format as possible. As we cross into this new territory, I wanted to make a few… Read More »

As the information related to our current COVID-19 health crisis continues to evolve, Human Resources is working in tandem with the College's leadership and CUNY to keep the campus informed of the measures being implemented to ensure operational continuity. During this time, college employees should know that CCNY and CUNY are working to provide working conditions that are as safe as possible, while at the same time understanding that we need to be extremely flexible and creative as the situation evolves. Part of that means closely following guidance from the Center for Disease… Read More »

Dear Valued Member of the CCNY Community, I am writing to let you know that there has been a very small risk of exposure to COVID-19 within The Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture. A faculty member, whose name we are not at liberty to disclose, has reported feeling flu-like symptoms and has immediately self-quarantined. He/she is otherwise fit and healthy and has no underlying health conditions that would put him/her at greater risk. However, we take the risk of exposure, however small, very seriously indeed. The faculty member has been tested for the Corona Virus,… Read More »

I am writing to you with guidelines for your laboratory research operations in the face of the coronavirus crisis. I understand that you may have an inclination to forge ahead, but these are not normal times. I am asking you at this time to follow the guidelines below: You should begin to ramp down your research operation to a state that requires the absolute minimum number of people to be present in your lab. Ideally, that number should be zero if possible. You should aim to reach this ramped-down state by Friday, March 20th. To efficiently ramp down, you should prioritize… Read More »

Dear Members of the City College Community, We just learned that starting tomorrow, only essential personnel should report to college. That term, "essential personnel" is a phrase we usually use during snowstorms or other natural disasters, and it normally refers to the men and women who keep the campus infrastructure running—mainly security and facilities. In this context, I believe we need to interpret it as people whose on campus presence (as opposed to work from home posture) is essential for us to get ready to run classes and to maintain laboratories. For research labs… Read More »

Dear Members of the City College Community, At the faculty and staff virtual Town Halls on Friday we received several questions about the chances that the academic calendar, and specific dates for withdrawal, pass/fail decisions or incompletes might be revised. We now have guidance on these matters. The important news is that both pass/fail declaration deadlines and W grade deadlines have been extended until the last day of classes on the calendar (May 14th). The deadline for finalizing incompletes has been extended to the last day of classes in the Fall 2020 semester. Here is… Read More »

Things are changing rapidly and some of what I’ll be reporting in this memo will revise information in previous memos. As late as yesterday, March 12th, we wrote that staff would be required to come to the office unless they had a specific reason to feel they had been in contact with someone who was sick. Today we have new guidance. We should figure out which staff members have the capacity to work from home, and move any of them who want to telecommute to work from home posture. This changes earlier guidance, in which we said that everyone who has not been exposed to… Read More »

Last Updated: 07/23/2020 13:57