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Master's in Public Administration

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Yaritza internship story

“Do I Really Belong Here?” Confronting Impostor Syndrome as an Intern on Capitol Hill

January 08, 2019
Although highly qualified for her summer internship in Washington, Yaritza Holguin felt a lingering doubt about whether she belonged – a deep unease aggravated by the frequent acts of racism and anti-immigrant bias she and her colleagues encountered on Capitol Hill. In this story, Yaritza tells how she coped with this feeling, known as impostor syndrome, by connecting with others who she identified with, seeking advice from women leaders she admired, and practicing self-affirmation. Read More »
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Older Vera internship story

Social Justice Is a Long-Term Struggle: Finding Hope amidst the Negative News Cycle

January 02, 2019
Older Vera is a skilled data analyst and experienced teacher with a passion for making education systems work for all students. He joined the MPA program to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to create policy research that will bring real changes in education policy. His summer internship taught him how to overcome the negativity of the current news cycle and find hope in the inspiring work of the advocates at Public Citizen. Read More »
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Robert Bentlyewski internship story

Now Is Not the Time for a Calm, Predictable Government Career

December 20, 2018
Rob Bentlyewski worked for several progressive politicians before joining the MPA Program. He planned to use his MPA to establish a safe, comfortable career in government. Little did he know that his internship in the NY City Council during the height of the immigrant child separation crisis would inspire him to dedicate his career to defending people’s rights and upholding the integrity of public institutions, even if it meant sacrificing the calm and predictable path he had envisioned. Read More »
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Students explore career paths

Making Internships Transformative through Reflective Practice

December 13, 2018
In the MPA summer internship program, students engage in reflective practice that includes goal-setting, storytelling, supervisor feedback, infographics, and reflection papers. This process provides an opportunity for the internship to be a transformative professional experience, in addition to the traditional benefits of internships, such as skill development, relationship-building, and exposure to a new sector. Read More »
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Sandra Fernando, MPA '17

“I love working where there is no fear in creating change”

October 31, 2018
Sandra Fernando speaks about her path from the MPA program to the ACLU Read More »
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Students present their final projects for Economics class

Economics with a Twist

October 17, 2018
MPA students in Professor Brett Whysel’s economics course learn how individual financial decisions are connected to economic issues affecting our broader society, and they gain valuable decision-making skills to boot.     The interdisciplinary course integrates psychology, decision-making, and behavioral economics with the traditional concepts taught in public economics courses, such as externalities, public goods, and fiscal policy.   Read More »
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MPA students proposed blood pressure checkpoints in public spaces in Queens

Bringing Blood Pressure Readings to Public Spaces in Queens

August 30, 2018
Dana Cohen, Ellen Ulerio, and Allison Wen created an innovative pilot program that offers blood pressure readings in public spaces in Queens. Read More »
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Steven Molinari during his State Assembly internship

"I have an inside and outside perspective"

July 10, 2018
Steven Molinari discusses his prestigious paid internship in the NY State Assembly Steven Molinari (MPA ’18) was the first MPA student from CCNY to be chosen for the graduate internship in the NY State Assembly, which comes with a $15,000 stipend. During his time in the MPA program, he interned in nonprofit advocacy groups as well as the city and state government. He found a moment to sit down with us and reflect on his career path as a policy analyst. Read More »
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MPA students develop their skills through group work

The Bottom Line Is, Are We Having an Impact?

June 15, 2018
This spring, our first-year students developed their management skills by working as strategic consultants for leading social enterprise startups.The month-long projects, led by Professor Anusuya Banerjee (pictured lower right), were the final assignment for Strategic Management, a required course that teaches how organizations can align their social mission with a sustainable financial model while effectively engaging stakeholders and allies. Read More »
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MPA students with Professor Michelle Gilmore

MPA Students Engage with NYC Communities on Public Health Problems

June 02, 2018
Second-year students in CCNY’s Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) program spent much of their final semester outside of the classroom engaging local communities and officials on public health issues affecting New York City neighborhoods.The Lower East Side, Crown Heights, Elmhurst, Mott Haven, and Central Harlem are among the neighborhoods where three-person teams of students interviewed local stakeholders and tested policy interventions for problems such as asthma, obesity, and access to prenatal care. Read More »


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