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October 08, 2019
The MPA Program's summer elective course in storytelling culminated with a public speaking event aimed at raising awareness about important social problems. Ten MPA students delivered their original stories while standing outside on the steps of a concrete fountain in the City College quad on a warm afternoon. The stories addressed a range of issues, including women’s right to choose, affordable housing, immigration, homelessness, poverty, criminal injustice, public education, and access to health care. The students wrote the stories as part of their final assignment for the… Read More »

June 14, 2019
While doing research for a class project, Rob Bentlyewski (MPA ‘19) stumbled upon a shocking story about the origins of Victory Gardens, NJ - a story omitted from the history books. With support from the MPA Changemaker Scholarship and the Colin Powell Graduate Fellowship, Bentlyewski unearthed the true history of this factory town that played a crucial role in the US World War II effort. His research is the first known effort at historical rectification since Victory Gardens was founded seven decades ago. It tells the story of a political battle between wealthy landowners and… Read More »

June 06, 2019
After decades of experience managing people across diverse industries in numerous countries, Professor Janet Kyle urges her students never to forget the importance of bringing out every individual’s talents in pursuit of a common mission. “A lot of students think financial capital is most important for getting an organization to achieve its goals,” Kyle said in an interview. “However, I would argue that well-organized and motivated people can do a lot without money, but money without people won’t do anything.” Professor Kyle’s course, Strategic Human Resources Management, goes… Read More »

May 23, 2019
Accurate, in-depth, and widely accessible information is vital for increasing access to housing, education, health care, voting, local history, and nonprofit development. That was the unifying theme that the MPA Changemaker Scholars discovered in their recent end-of-semester roundtable discussion. Changemaker Scholarships provide support to MPA students who wish to develop their skills as social change agents outside of class during the fall or spring semesters in one of three areas: management, research, or social innovation. In the roundtable discussion, each scholar stood… Read More »

May 17, 2019
A team of ten MPA students spent the spring semester developing an evidence-based proposal to prevent substance misuse and improve stress management among CCNY students. The team pitched the proposal this week to a panel of judges, among them Colin Powell School Dean Andrew Rich and Psychology Department Chair Robert Melara. The audience included MPA students, faculty members, and community partners. In a tightly coordinated, 50-minute presentation, the team presented evidence gathered from interviews and surveys with more than 60 CCNY students showing the links between substance… Read More »

May 08, 2019
After graduating from the MPA Program in 2014, Nory Pouncil built a successful career as a communications director in Washington, D.C. – but something was missing. Nory decided to follow her inner voice, leave that career path, and start a project to help women live healthily and love themselves. Here Nory discusses her journey as the founder of The Get Unstuck Coaching Program. Let me start with a quote from your website: “I’ve been able to help women struggling from depression and anxiety overcome hurt, pain, disappointments, self-doubt and take control of their lives. The… Read More »

May 06, 2019
On April 30, the MPA Program hosted a workshop to help students learn how to use Linkedin to present themselves professionally, find career opportunities, and expand their professional networks.  The facilitator, Marcos Salazar, introduced the concept of personal branding and guided students as they created and shared elevator pitches. Salazar then taught the students how to write a compelling personal summary, present experience and education effectively, give and receive skills endorsements, search for and connect with other professionals, and manage privacy settings. Salazar… Read More »

April 29, 2019
Dr. Adriana Espinosa, the scholar-in-residence at the MPA Program, outlines numerous studies showing how gender bias and racial bias influence hiring, promotion, and the psychological environment of the workplace - and what this means for aspiring public managers.      A diverse workplace fosters innovation, improves performance, and heightens creativity. According to the National Academy of Sciences, a diverse workforce is vital for ensuring that organizations and nations remain globally competitive. Nonetheless, women as well as Black and Hispanic individuals remain severely… Read More », , Explicit Bias: A Hostile Workplace Numerous studies show that explicit forms of differential treatment contribute significantly to the underrepresentation of women and racial and ethnic minorities. The most explicit forms involve sexual harassment, unfair pay, and bias in the allocation of promotions and work assignments. Surveys conducted by the Pew Research Center and the American Association of University Women indicate that the majority of women in STEM jobs report that they have experienced gender-based discrimination at work, compared to one fifth of men in STEM jobs.… Read More »

April 18, 2019
Daniela de la Puente joined the MPA Program as an international student from Peru. While earning her MPA, she interned at the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Permanent Mission of Peru to the United Nations. She currently works as a consultant for the Innóvate Perú program at the Ministry of Production and teaches Cultural Policy at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. In addition to her MPA degree from CCNY, she holds a Master's Degree in Cultural Management from the University of Barcelona. She has almost a decade of experience in the management of cultural… Read More »

April 15, 2019
New MPA Faculty Bring Firsthand Knowledge, Hands-on Experience into the Classroom This spring, MPA students are taking a public budgeting course taught by a veteran analyst from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). They are also developing critical thinking skills with an instructor who works as a global intelligence analyst, and they are learning strategic management from the co-founder of a social impact consulting firm. The newest MPA faculty members bring a combination of stellar academic accomplishment and ample professional experience in government, the nonprofit sector,… Read More »

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