The City College of New York’s Department of Psychology offers a NY State OASAS certified Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor Trainee (CASAC-T) education program.  This program is only available to students that are currently enrolled in the department of psychology at the City College of New York.  In addition to the required courses for all psychology majors – i.e., Introductory Psychology, Statistics, and Experimental Psychology – OASAS has approved ten 3-credit psychology courses (see course list below) as meeting the NY State education requirements for 350 hours of Addiction Specific Standardized Curriculum for the CASAC Trainee credential.

CASAC-T Program Objectives:

Through completion of the CASAC-T Education program, students will gain the full range of knowledge, skills and professional techniques related to alcohol and substance abuse counseling including:

Knowledge of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (85 hours)

Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counseling (150 hours)

Assessment; Clinical Evaluation; Treatment Planning; Case Management; and Patient, Family and Community Education (70 hours)

Professional and Ethical Responsibilities (45 hours)


Knowledge of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (85 hours required)

Brain-Mind Experience (PSY 254), 45 hours OR Drug Abuse and Addiction (MED 100)

Drug-Alcohol Abuse: Causes and Treatment (PSY 340), 45 hours

Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Counseling (150 hours required)

Infancy and Childhood (PSY 246), 45 hours

Family Psychology (PSY 365), 45 hours

Introduction to Clinical and Counseling Psychology (PSY 380), 45 hours

Small Group Processes (PSY 367), 45 hours

Counseling Issues in Addiction Treatment (PSY 370), 45 hours 

 Assessment, Clinical Evaluation, Treatment Planning, Case Management & Patient, Family & Community Education (70 hours required)

Psychology of Prevention Disorders (PSY 363), 45 hours

Treatment of Substance Abuse I (PSY 350), 45 hours

Treatment of Substance Abuse II (PSY 360), 45 hours

Professional & Ethical Responsibilities (45 hours required)

The ethics requirements are being fulfilled through the following required courses

  • Drug-Alcohol Abuse: Causes and Treatment - 5 hours

  • Family Psychology  - 5 hours

  • Prevention Science - 10 hours

  • Introduction to Clinical and Counseling Psychology - 10 hours

  • Small Group Processes - 5 hours

  • Treatment of Substance Abuse- 10 hours

Total credit hours required for OASAS CASAC-Trainee credential=350.
Total credit hours of 10 OASAS-approved CCNY psychology courses = 450 credit hours.


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