Recent Graduates and their Dissertations

Ricardo Corbetta2018A Qualitative Phemenological study of Psychotherapist Immigrant Patients
Miriam Dreyer2018The Relationship between Child and Parenting trauma: an Intergenerational Investigation
Felix Garcia 2018Intrinsic Neuroconnectivity in childhood Gender identity variance
Kari Gray2018The Development of Affect and Defense in Childhood and Adolescence
Brooke Greene2018A Preliminary Program evaluation of a Narrative Therapy Intervention for persons Incarcerated for Violent crime
Sarah Kay 2018The relationship between reflective functioning and history of childhood 
Nidhi Parashar2018A Functional Neuroimaging Study of Self-Regulatory control in Adults with Gambling and obsessive-compulsive disorders
Lillian Polanco2018Casualties of Racism: Racial/Ethnic discrimination and risk for suicidal thoughts and attempts among racial/ethnic minority emerging adults
Laurie Slodunick2018The nature of defenses of school-aged children with ADHD
Matthew Southard2018Subtrheshold PTSD and Associated Psychological distress in Trauma exposed male and female veterans
Madeleine Terry2018Linking Hostile/Helpless Maternal Representation in Pregnancy and later child protection involvement 
Julie Ackerman2017Dreams and the Maternal Imaginary: From Nostalgic Inter Subjectivity to Mourning
Nancy Adler2017Who posts selfies and why? Personality attachment style and mentalization as predictors of selfie posting on social media
Jessica Albertson2017Minding the baby: Maternal adverse childhood experiences and treatment outcomes in a mother-infant home visiting program
Erin Liat Claridge2017Psychoanalysis and Modernity: a Failure to Find Relief from Existential terror
Sarah Constantine2017Women's Sexual Fantasies in Context: Psychological and Interpersonal Distress, the Emotional Content of Sexual Fantasies, and Satisfaction in Romantic Relationships
Karen Estefane2017The contributions of Child and Romantic attachment to sleep quality
Devon Harrison2017The Transgenerational Transmission of Emotion Regulation: The Effect of Maternal Coping on Child Executive Functioning
Zach Geller2017Are you With Me?: The Impact of Losing a Conversational Partner's Attention to a Mobile Device
Huw Green2017Aberrant Salience and Probabilistic in Distressing Attenuated Positive Psychotic Symptoms: An Examination of a Two-Factor Model
Kathleen Isaac2017The Impact of Spirituality and Trauma on Appraisals of Psychotic-Like Experiences
Zach Kahn2017Words of Change: How Linguistic Shifts over the Course of Short-Term Exposure Therapy Represent Movement Toward Psychological Health
Jon Lentz2017Who are You to Me? Using Function Words as a Measure of Transference
Aleksandra Rayska2017A Conceptualization of the Body in Psychodynamic and Body-Based Therapies: Areas of Overlap and Possibilities for Integration
Meg Rauen2017Making Sense of Missing Sessions: Attendance Patterns in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Substance Use Disorder treatments
Annelisa Pedersen2017An Examination of Therapeutic Alliance during Prolonged Exposure in a Comorbid PTSD and SUD Population
Anna Levy-Warren2016Treating Maria: An Integration of DBT and TFP in the treatment of a Borderline Woman
Lauren Irwin2016Repetition: A Study in Visual Form using Selected Artworks by Edward Hopper
Katherine Williams2016Early Relational Experiences and Poor Psychological Outcomes as Mediated by Internalized Heterosexism in Sexual Minority Women: Illustration of a Theoretical Model
Karin Belser2016The Cycle of Neglect: Understanding the Impact of Neglect and Maternal Mindedness on Children's Social and Emotional Development
Adrienne Lange2016Vocal Rhythms and Preterm Infants: Rhythms of Dialogue in a High-Risk Sample
Ian Pervil2016Ways of Thinking about Illness Representations of Cancer
Rebecca Smith2016Perceptions of Money: Relationships between Remembered Parental Rejection, Extrinsic Life Aspirations and Maladaptive Attitudes toward Money
Jeffrey Erbe2016Mental Representations, Social Exclusion, and Neurobiological Processes in Borderline Personality Disorder: A Multi-Level Study
Anjali George2016Feminine Ideology, Relational Self-Concept and Internalizing Self-Concept in Women
Natalie Hung2016Dialectical Marginality: Boundaries Asian America and Psychoanalysis
Elisa Lee2016Masculine Identities among Asian American Men: Negotiating Varying Masculine Ideals for the Self and Others
Juliana Martinez2016The Object Relations of the Latina Dutiful Daughter
Matthew Oyer2016Hysteria and the Psychoanalytic Act
Lily Thom2016Object Relations on the TAT
Hannah Wallerstein2016 
Sacha Zilkha2016Evaluating the Effectiveness of Supervision on Training