DegreeWorks 'What-If' Audit

The “What-If” feature can be used to simulate a change of program by selecting your proposed degree, major and perhaps concentration. The requirements for your selection will appear and you will see how your course-work may be used in the program you are considering.

How to use "What-If" feature?

Once your are logged into DegreeWorks (Sign In), please follow these steps below to learn about "what-If" feature of DegreeWorks.



On the left side bar under the "Worksheet" tab, click the "What-If" button.
DGW What-If Tab


Make a selection of a proposed degree prior to selecting a major.


Select a proposed major (and a concentration, if one is required for the major). 



Once you have selected a major (and a concentration, if required), please select a catalog year.

If you have made an incorrect selection, you can highlight the item and click on the “Remove” button.

DGW What-If Remove Chosen Area of Study


After selecting academic plan(s) of study and catalog year, click on the "Process What-If" button to view how your courses get applied to other academic plan(s).

The "What-If" feature only allows you to explore different majors, minors, or concentrations. Therefore processing a "What-If" audit will not officially change or declare a major, minor or concentration.

In order to officially change or declare a major, minor or concentration you must submit an "Online Major Request" to the Office of the Registrar, see blow:
iDeclare - Declaration of Plan, Sub-Plan and Minor

Last Updated: 05/18/2020 16:19