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Fall 2020 CR/NC Policy

To provide students with maximum flexibility during the ongoing pandemic, University leadership, including college presidents and deans, have afforded CUNY colleges the ability to reinstate the Credit/No Credit Flexible Grading Policy for the Fall 2020 semester.  To help students continue their academic progress despite the difficulties they have faced in recent months, City College has adopted this policy for Fall 2020 with some course exceptions.  Click here for a list of course exceptions.   

Please read below for details and consult with an advisor, click here for advisor contact information, faculty member, and financial aid advisor as necessary to help guide you toward a decision that is best suited for you in your major course of study.

For most courses, students may opt to have the final grade changed to CR or NC (Credit or No Credit) in the Fall 2020 semester.  Some courses will be excluded from this policy (typically courses that require a minimum grade for advancement in a major).

The dates of this opt-in period are from December 24, 2020 through January 12, 2021.  If a student wishes to change a letter grade to the Credit/No Credit option they may do so, with the exception of courses chosen by campuses to be excluded from opt-in.  A list of excluded courses can be found hereOnce the choice is made in CUNYFirst, it cannot be reversed.

  • For non-excluded classes, this choice will be available to the student in CUNYFirst after final grades are assigned.  
  • For courses that are excluded from the CR/NC policy, students may choose to:
    • accept their earned letter grade in the course; or
    • choose a P/NC grade.
      1. This option may not be available in some graduate programs.  Graduate students should check with an advisor in their program to determine if they are eligible for the P/NC policy for classes excluded from CR/NC. 
      2. Students choosing a P/NC grade must complete a Fall 2020 P/NC form which can be found here: (Fall 2020 P/NC Form) for approval by the course instructor and a departmental advisor.  For courses with a minimum passing requirement as set by the Department or major, students may not be allowed to convert a letter grade to "P" for grades below the minimum passing requirement.  Instead, they may wish to consider an "NC" grade, but should discuss this choice with their advisor.
      3. The completed form must be returned to  by either the course instructor or advisor from their CCNY email account.  Students will have until the CR/NC decision deadline of January 12, 2021 to secure the Course Instructor and Departmental Advisor approval to implement the P/NC option.
      4. Once selected, a P/NC cannot be reversed.
      5. The total number of credits that a student may take on a P/NC basis over the course of their undergraduate career is limited and is currently set at 16 credits overall.
  • For the period that this special flexible grading policy is in effect, selection of the CR/NC option does not count against the total number of P/NC credits allowed in an undergraduate career.
  • The above changes are independent of financial aid regulations.  All coursework will still count towards the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) calculation; Students are encouraged to consult with a Financial Aid representative prior to making a CR/NC or P/NC decision.  Click here for Financial Aid Office website or you may contact the Financial Aid Office at (212) 650-6656 or via Zoom, prior to making a CR/NC or P/NC decision.
  1. Students should be aware that courses taken on a Pass/No Credit basis may not be transferrable.  Students with Credit/No Credit grades will be able to transfer those courses across colleges within CUNY, per current CUNY policy.
  2. Courses taken by first- and second-semester freshman in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are also covered by an automatic NC policy, by which F grades are automatically converted to NC.  FIQWS courses and English 110 will be added to the list of classes permitted for the College of Liberal Arts and Science first- and second-semester freshman grading policy.
  3. In cases where conflicts exist between Departments or Program Majors about a passing grade, the higher-grade threshold will prevail.
  4. WU grades are not eligible for NC.

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