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A home page is a webpage that serves as the starting point of a website to attract users. Organizing content with high-resolution photos on the home page provides a basic understanding of what your website offers.

As a CCNY website content editor you can create a unique landing page that is accessible and complies with the CCNY brand by using the many available paragraph components. As we move into our upcoming 175th anniversary celebration, we will be making a few changes to our policy for subsite landing page aesthetic, layout, and design; starting with: ​


Please take a moment to review the layout options that each landing page on the CCNY website will need to conform to by Fall 2021. It is important to note that in the examples below, some of the examples will have placeholder text and photos for visual presentation. Also, please note that the main navigation, subsite sub-menu, and footer are not shown in the examples. We will be making this and other menu layout adjustments required as part of celebrating our 175th anniversary. Our goal with this initiative is to bring the CCNY website "into the ring" to compete with other notable institutions.


Homepage Example


Homepage Webpage Example


Homepage Webpage Example


Homepage Webpage Example


Homepage Webpage Example

Visit the demo subsite to view more demos.

Need help doing so?

For assistance making adjustments to your subsite landing page, please reach Prem Nankoo, Web and Digital Communications Specialist, at to schedule a virtual consultation. During the consultation, Mr. Nankoo will provide subsite feedback and next-steps to assist you in making the adjustment outlined above.

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