How do I become a content editor?

The first step is to email Simone K. McMillion, Seamus Campbell, and Prem Nankoo, stating you would like to become a content editor and cc your Dean or Chair.  Once we receive the confirmation, we will follow up to let you know if any additional information is needed. 


Website training is mandatory and we provide one-on-one training. After you complete the training, you will receive all the permission settings for your account.


Simone K. McMillion, D.Sc


Seamus Campbell


Prem Nankoo

How do I create an Accessible PDF

The link below provides the basic steps needed to create an accessible document using Microsoft Word.

Creating Accessible PDF

As a content editor, do I have access to the code?

You will have access to the HTML of text paragraph components to clean up any styling issues with the text. However, due to security concerns, you will not have access to the site-wide Drupal code nor any of the CSS and JavaScript code that powers the CCNY website.

Email addresses not displaying properly

Email addresses not displaying properly As an anti-spam measure on the site, email addresses get obfuscated. The solution is to NOT enclose the email address in a hyperlink. Just leave it as plain text, and the system will automatically convert it to a hyperlink.

I cannot log out as a content editor

If, after attempting to logout of the site you ever get an error saying 'Error encountered while processing SAML single-logout response; details have been logged.​' this is because the cookies that are saved on your computer to check if you are logged in are having a problem deleting themselves. To fix this and log yourself out, simply clear your browser's cache and cookies.

Last Updated: 08/09/2023 12:57