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Frequently Asked Questions

Content Management System Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Pasting text into the Rich Text Editor (RTE) doesn't appear to work, am I doing something wrong?

Make sure you have "Allow clipboard helper" installed in Firefox. In order for the CMS to function properly, this plug-in must be installed. Please install and configure this plugins detailed in our video training and print userguide. 

The behavior of the CMS appears to be odd:menus aren't appearing, pages aren't publishing.

Issues with the product can and do appear.  However, if you notice consistently unexpected behavior please verify the following:

  • you are using Firefox 10 ESR to access the CMS - this is the extended support release version of firefox and is the only supported browser you should use to access the CMS.  Other, non-supported versions of firefox can cause instablity in performance
  • you have cleared your Firefox browser cache - often,this can improve performance
  • your internet connection is functioning properly

I published a page/made a change in the CMS and submitted for publication, but my change doesn't seem to appear on the website. What happened?

Published changes do not appear instantaneously on the website. Please allow at least 15 minutes for your changes to appear before you decide that something is wrong.

Can I create different page layouts than the standard one column I currently have?

The redesign of the site now allows for more robust layout creation options.  Please see our video training to learn how to create different row and column content variations, as well as inserting call-outs and pull-quotes.

I want to embed website widgets and apps into the body of my page.  Where is that option?

Content editors can embed youtube videos and flickr photo sets directly into their pages. This is accomplished by using the multi-media element in the element gallery.  Please consult our video training to learn how to use this feature.  Other embeds are not currently supported.  Under no circumstances should embed code be placed directly into the rich text editor.